IDC Joins Unique Effort, Advises Commonwealth of Massachusetts on Security and Privacy for Web-Site Redesign

FRAMINGHAM, MA – APRIL16, 2001 – IDC today announced it was one of several IT industry leaders to help the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in its ongoing effort to build a new enterprise portal.


"Building an enterprise portal that provides integrated, seamless services that are easy, efficient, and safe to use and transform the way in which the Commonwealth interacts with its businesses, citizens, other government entities, and employees is a daunting task," said Val Asbedian, director of Strategic Planning for the Commonwealth’s Information Technology Division (ITD). "The entire Massachusetts E-Gov Initiative is the product of a unique cooperation among members of Massachusetts’ executive branch, constitutional officers, legislature, judiciary, private sector, academia, cities and towns, and consumer groups who loaned their time and expertise to this important effort."

According to IDC, building an enterprise portal is a mighty task given the wealth of information available from state agencies. "The portal will cover everything the Bay State has to offer – from arts and entertainment to laws, regulations, and licensing," said Aaron McPherson, research manager and security, privacy, and fraud expert for IDC’s Online Financial Services program, as well as member of the Policy and Legal Framework Workgroup of the E-Government Task Force. "Our particular task-force focus was to look at the legal requirements for public access to government information and explore ways to comply with these requirements while preserving the security and privacy of the information."

IDC believes the Commonwealth has taken a careful approach in the creation of its enterprise portal. "From the beginning, the Commonwealth’s goal was to present government services in a task-based way – as a citizen would think of them, rather than according to the actual bureaucracy that exists," McPherson said. "Creating an integrated process while hiding the complexity underneath greatly improves the enterprise’s chances for success."

McPherson was a member of one of the Commonwealth’s five policy workgroups. These groups comprised public, non-profit, and private sector representatives. McPherson’s group advised the state on best practices to evolve its E-Government capabilities into a fully integrated, task-based Commonwealth enterprise portal. "My goal as a private sector representative was to present the business and consumer perspective," McPherson said. "The Internet offers compelling opportunities for making government more responsive and efficient, but it can also provide the government with the means to monitor its citizens’ actions, which can lead to public distrust. Additionally, Internet access can also lead to greater risk of misuse of information from the outside. As a result, the key to building this portal will be to balance the public’s right to information with the individual’s right to privacy and the Commonwealth’s need for security."

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