IDC Launches Bio-IT Research Initiative Focused on Exploding Life Sciences Markets in Asia/Pacific

NORTH SYDNEY – MAY 28, 2002 – The Life Sciences race in Asia/Pacific has now kick started as many countries in the region are investing heavily to position themselves as genuine players in the global biosciences industry. According to analysis from IDCs new research and advisory service, Asia/Pacific Bio-IT Infrastructure (AP281101J), the Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) Bio-IT market will increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 56% to reach $3.6 billion by 2006. Factors driving this growth include rapid acceptance of new biology methods and informatics-based drug design.


IT provides the necessary tools to create, organise, analyse, store, retrieve and share genomic, proteomic, chemical and clinical data in the life sciences. IDCs research has demonstrated that between 15 and 50% of capital expenditure from the majority of life sciences organisations will be spent on the required technology stack to support the drug discovery processes. IDCs Asia/Pacific Bio-IT initiative will provide end users and IT vendors with ongoing analysis of market dynamics, forecasts, user requirements, and projections essential to shaping effective business strategies.

The huge advances in biotechnology are dramatically impacting the whole of society; from healthcare, food and agriculture, chemical and industrial materials, through to energy and warfare. The IT industry will be the enabler to bring about the vast majority of these business and scientific advances,said Philip Fersht, Director, Bio-IT and Life Sciences Research, IDC Asia/Pacific, who leads this initiative. The Asia/Pacific Life Sciences market is set to explode with dramatic increases in public investment, which will be followed by heavy funding from both private investors, banks, pharmaceutical and venture capitalist firms.

IDCs Asia/Pacific Bio-IT Research Program is dedicated to tracking this industries financing and identifying its re-investment into the necessary IT stack. Moreover, IDCs ongoing work is focused on country-level strategies and partnerships among government institutions, life sciences organisations and IT suppliers to provide the complete spectrum of region-wide Bio-IT and life science research.

IDCs Asia/Pacific Bio-IT initiative will comprise:

A new research subscription and advisory service entitled Asia/Pacific Bio-IT Infrastructure

Custom research and consulting services in such areas as brand positioning, product channel and alliance strategy, and best practice implementation

An industry workgroup for end users and technology infrastructure vendors operating in the life sciences industry.

Commenting on the initiative, Dane Anderson, Vice-President, Internet and Computing Systems, IDC Asia/Pacific, said, The launch of IDCs Bio-IT initiative is a direct response to our research findings and feedback from leaders in the field that their work is becoming increasingly dependent on information technology.

IDCs 38-year history of predicting and analysing new IT markets will serve us well in delivering timely, relevant insight and analysis on the emerging life-sciences industry.

The Asia/Pacific Bio-IT Infrastructure research and advisory service will provide insight and guidance in key IT infrastructure areas, such as:

Servers used to support a wide range of workloads, including computational, database, and security

All storage devices

A broad set of software technologies and products, including databases, Web services, middleware, analytics, and security

Services to support or enhance the overall IT infrastructure

Clients, including workstations, PCs, personal workstations, and thin clients

Standard networking equipment

In addition, the service is designed to tackle the following issues:

Asia/Pacific Bio-IT Infrastructure Forecast and Analysis 2001-2006 (Market segmentation by technology, and life sciences)

Partnerships, Alliances and Joint Ventures: Case Studies in cooperation within the BioSciences (Analysis of key segments and players in market)

Country-level bio-ecosystem profiles Singapore, Australia, India, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and rest of Asia/Pacific: Analysis of IT vendor strategies across Asia/Pacific countries and regional variations across BioSciences markets. Profiles of countries? government institutions, R & D organisations, biotechs, pharmaceutical firms and technology suppliers

Profiles of IT vendor strategies and successes in the Asia/Pacific biosciences marketplace to gain positioning and mindshare

User requirements across key bio segments (Analysis of key user requirements/buying criteria in each market sector)

Emerging business models in biotech and what it takes to win in this segment

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