IDC Launches Eincubator And Accelerator Program In Europe

AMSTERDAM — OCTOBER 27, 2000 — IDC today announced a new European eIncubator and Accelerator research program, which was launched earlier this month as part of its European eBusiness Advisory Services. The program is a continuous source of information designed to support strategists in independent incubators, venture capital (VC) firms, management consultancies, and IT product and services companies within their business planning about incubators.


"Anybody with a stake in Europe's new economy should pay close attention to the role of the incubator in Europe's near future," said John Ferrier, an analyst in IDC's European eIncubator and Accelerator program. "A unique set of forces is shaping Europe's competitive entrepreneurial environment. Starting a new business in Europe is more complicated than in the United States. The venture capital market is not as well developed, and investors tend to have a more long-term approach to investing. IDC expects 15 to 20 strong, independent incubators to have emerged in Europe by 2004."

Incubators have come under fire recently with the failure of many B2C ecommerce dot-coms. However, IDC's research places the role of the incubator in a larger picture. "In fact, there is much more going on in Europe's leading incubators than building Web sites. Think of B2C as the just the tip of a really big iceberg," Ferrier said.

"In Europe's new competitive environment, speed, innovation, and network strength are the most valuable intangibles available ? and incubators are best positioned to capitalize on this fact. The best ones have experienced entrepreneurs providing mentoring, and they lower the complicated hurdles involved with starting a business in Europe. They have carved out a new position in the value chain," Ferrier said.

IDC's first European eIncubator and Accelerator report with profiles and competitive analysis, Sowing the Seeds of Europe's New Economy, will be available November 1st. For further information on this program, click here

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