IDC Offers Rare Look into the IT Industry’s Evolution Through Millennium Edition of Its Flagship Newsletter ‘The Gray Sheet’

FRAMINGHAM, Mass– IDC has shined a bright light in all the musty corners of the IT industry and has produced a compendium of 17 issues of its flagship publication "The Gray Sheet." This volume examines many of the seminal events in the industry's development since 1964, providing readers with a "you were there" view and a realistic perspective of the industry's evolution since 1964.

"The Millennium Edition — The IT Industry 1964-1999 as Seen by The Gray Sheet" chronicles events such as the emergence of the independent software industry, the first software patent and the grounds for the decision, the Carterfone decision, important antitrust cases, and key rulings from the FCC.

"While compiling this volume, it became clear that the IT industry's history is rarely assembled in one place, and almost never with a contemporary reportorial lens that also consistently provided analysis and perspective," said Molly Upton, editor of IDC's executive newsletter "The Gray Sheet," which has been renamed to "IT Forecaster" and is now available online ( and via email. "IDC is in a unique position to present this fascinating view of the IT industry due to "The Gray Sheet"'s longevity of publishing analysis and trends, both past and future, since 1964."

In addition to the 17 editions reporting and analyzing key events within the industry, "The Millennium Edition" provides retrospection, analysis, and predictions of major trends. It offers a holistic perspective of the IT industry's evolution through a succinct eight-page chronological overview highlighting the selected issues as well as other related events through the years. As an example, one can see the struggle that led to the Carterfone decision that precluded AT&T from prohibiting "foreign attachments" such as modems on its network.

This volume represents some of IDC's best thinking over the years on major issues such as the difficulty companies face in maintaining their leadership positions while crossing the chasm to the next business model or to the next hot technology in the industry.

"The Millennium Edition" should appeal to those who have lived through some of the industry's shifting sands as well as those who currently stand on the brink of potentially tectonic shifts represented by the intersection of the software and services arenas and their different revenue models, in addition to the e-commerce phenomenon.

"The Millennium Edition — The IT Industry 1964-1999 as Seen by The Gray Sheet" (IDC #B21273) is available for purchase for $345 by contacting Cheryl Toffel at 508-935-4389 or at For more information or to subscribe to "IT Forecaster," please visit

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