IDC Predicts Brokers Will Leverage Wireless Offerings to Deepen Customer Relationships

FRAMINGHAM, MA – FEBRUARY 9 , 2001 – The mobile Internet is emerging as an important tool that helps brokerage firms improve their relationships with customers. According to IDC, the brokerage industry will be among the first vertical markets to successfully offer their online services wirelessly. Wireless access to brokerage services is unlikely to attract new customers or generate additional revenues, however. Instead, it's expected to give brokerage firms the ability to personalize their offerings.


"Mobile access extends personalization to a new level," said Keith Waryas, research manager for IDC's Mobile eBusiness program. "Customers can not only choose the specific information and services they want delivered to them, but they also can personalize where and when they access this information. Because the information is often time-sensitive, customers' ability to receive it and act on it anywhere and anytime is invaluable."

IDC believes the high degree of personalization offered by the mobile Internet will not only improve brokerages' ability to satisfy their customers, it will also erect barriers to customer defection.

"As the holdings, financial position, and lifestyle of a customer change, so will the information and service they access via their mobile device. Each time these changes occur, their mobile brokerage becomes more personalized, increasing the value of the current service and the barriers associated with switching brokers," said Shaw Lively, research manager for IDC's Online Financial Services research program.

IDC's Mobile eBusiness and eInvesting research programs recently published two bulletins discussing mobile einvesting. Anywhere, Anytime: U.S. Wireless Brokerage Forecast and Analysis (2000-2004) (IDC #B23708) forecasts the number of wireless brokerage service customers through 2004 and analyzes factors driving and inhibiting development of the wireless brokerage market. The bulletin discusses current and future market trends and concludes with recommendations on how brokerage firms can most effectively use wireless offerings to improve their market position.

Learning from the Leaders: U.S. Brokers Discuss the Objectives and Challenges of Mobile eInvesting (IDC #B23465) discusses the returns U.S. brokers can expect from rolling out wireless Internet access to their services. IDC surveyed leading U.S. brokerage firms to find out how they are responding to the mobile Internet and how they are positioning their mobile services. The bulletins presents results from the survey.

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