IDC Releases Three-Part Report Series Offering In-Depth Profiles and Benchmarking of 21 Offshore Service Providers

FRAMINGHAM, MA – AUGUST 3, 2004 – In a new landmark report, IDC has developed a set of in-depth competitor profiles of 21 offshore service providers from across the globe. The details presented in each provider profile, in conjunction with a benchmarking analysis, will be pivotal to both offshore and "onshore" players as they look to build effective offshore strategies and compete in a market requiring global capabilities. Key benchmark areas include revenue segmentation, employee distribution, portfolio analysis, customer distribution, and investments.

"With the community of offshore providers now having become a potent force no local or global player in the IT and business services industry can ignore, it is imperative that these offshore players understand how they can leverage their capabilities to build market share as well as understand how these once-ignored global and regional companies are now impacting, and will continue to impact, the ability of the established and dominant IT and business service providers to compete effectively," stated David Tapper, director, Outsourcing, Utility, and Offshore Services research at IDC.

The results of this study will help large and regional IT and business service providers gain a clearer picture of the offshore provider market and how offshore players are positioned to compete. This study will also provide offshore players looking to expand their market presence on the global stage with a set of offshore industry benchmarks and an in-depth market analysis that will help them do the following:

— Determine appropriate brand, positioning, and differentiation requirements

— Leverage key emerging opportunities and challenges based on offshore provider capabilities

— Develop "offensive" strategies to win business in "onshore" locations such as the United States and Europe as well as "defensive" strategies to protect the "home turf"

— Establish a sound competitor strategy to compete successfully with large and regional players

— Define the appropriate investment strategy as related to types of requirements in infrastructure

The documents detailing this study are:

— Worldwide Offshore 2003 Service Provider Profiles: Part 1, Analysis (IDC #31506) which focuses on providing a broad set of offshore player benchmarks for the 21 providers profiled in the study.

— Worldwide Offshore 2003 Service Provider Profiles: Part 2, India-Based Providers (IDC #31507) focuses on the offshore providers headquartered in India.

— Worldwide Offshore 2003 Service Provider Profiles: Part 3, Non-India-Based Providers (IDC #31508) profiles non-India-based providers in countries such as Brazil, Mexico, China, Russia, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

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