IDC Report Reveals Results of Enterprise Applications Training Survey

LONDON, 27 August 1998 : A new International Data Corporation (IDC) study shows that training accounts for as much as 47% of the total Enterprise Applications (EA) project budget in the UK. As EA are now playing an increasingly important role in the technology strategies of enterprises of all sizes, and the ability to train and update the skill of both IS staff and end-users becomes essential, there are real opportunities for training providers who demonstrate cost efficient approaches.

"Whereas spending on technology-based training makes up 44% of a normal training budget, it represents 51% of the budget for EA training," noted Marianne Kolding, Senior Analyst from IDC's UK Services Research Programme. "There is also a markedly higher satisfaction level amongst organisations that have spent 50% or more of their EA training budget on technology-based training. Computer-based training (CBT) received the highest score in terms of "usefulness" according to respondents." The UK market, however, differs from Europe where satisfaction levels are lower as is the percentage of the training budget spent on technology-based training. In fact, the European average was found to be only 21% of the training budget.

Other Key findings

The person responsible for training in connection with EA implementation is overwhelmingly the IT director or manager (52%) while only 14% of respondents were dedicated training managers.

Prior to roll-out Logistics modules require the most training of all employee groups (10.7 average days per employee) followed by Purchasing & Supply (9.2 days).

After training assessment is not greatly used in UK organisations. Only 22% of respondents said that their end-users had taken any after training tests while the number was even lower for IS staff and executive managers.

Overall, respondents expected the largest part of the training to be delivered in-house (38%). IDC believes that this is due to the high usage of technology-based training in the UK.

IDC's report, Training Demands for Enterprise Applications in the UK, 1998, includes the results of a user-based survey as well as five profiles of training providers that deliver enterprise application training in the UK, and is available to purchase from your local IDC office.

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