IDC Reports High Growth In High End Unix Servers Quarterly Data Highlights Emerging Competition In Market

COPENHAGEN, 3 June 1997 : IDC's Quarterly European tracking of selected high Midrange and High end systems shows that the market in Europe grew by 54% in value from Q1 1996 to Q1 1997. However, the European Unix server market grew by only 9.1% during the same period, mainly due to the impact of Windows NT in the LAN-server and low Midrange segments.

New technologies and products have now emerged to compete with the "traditional" MPP and SPP systems in the High End and high Midrange Unix server segments. In addition, the composition of customers change

as the former technical customers continue to buy these types of servers at a relatively slow rate.

The Quarterly European High End Unix Servers tracking shows that the commercial market grew by 66.2% value whereas the technical segment grew by only 21.2% value.

"The High End Unix market used to be the playground for highly technical purposes," said Kirsten Ludvigsen, Senior Analyst at IDC's European Unix and Client Server Centre. "But now the majority of the growth stems from the commercial customer segment which has taken the new kinds of technology to their datacentres".

Amongst selected vendors and products, IBM and SNI showed strong growth, with new entrant Sequent gaining a foothold in the market within a very short time with their ccNUMA Intel based systems.

"Sun has also entered this segment with their Ultra Enterprise 10000 and already sold some in this first quarter of the products life-time", added Kirsten Ludvigsen. "It will be interesting to follow the different vendors over time to see, if a pattern of preferred technology and/or vendors will be established."

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