IDC Research Reveals Intranet Web Servers More Likely To Be installed On New Systems Than On Current Hardware

LONDON, 11 June 1997: A new study from IDC, The UK Intranet Market, shows that

61% of Intranet Web Servers are likely to be installed on new systems, compared

to 24.4% on previously installed systems and 14.6% on a combination of existing

and new in medium and large UK organisations.

"The intranet market is new, fast growing, and has the potential to impact

virtually every aspect of IT," said Anthony Miller, UK Research Manager.

"Intranets are increasingly seen as a far greater market opportunity than

products and services for the Internet alone." IDC observes a whole new area of

competition with new market players, which is impacting the existing battles

over hardware platforms, network infrastructures and software solutions. "The

very nature and origin of intranets also means that telecoms companies have the

opportunity to become effective competitors in a market that was primarily the

preserve of IT vendors," said Miller. "The use of Web technology will

significantly change the way information is sourced and used within the

corporate environment."

Additional Key Findings:

Improved communications, information sharing and flexibility are seen as most

significant benefits of corporate intranets.

90% of intranet users implemented the system on time or faster than expected.

Companies with intranets expect to spend 5% of their IT budgets on them in


Industry press is the main source about intranet information for most


The IS department is more likely to be the main advocate for intranets.

Videoconferencing is an emerging application for intranets.

The findings presented in The UK Intranet Market are based on telephone

interviews IDC conducted with 100 organisations employing 200 or more staff in

the UK. The UK Intranet Market Report is available to purchase from IDC at the

price of ú2,500.

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