IDC Says Worldwide ASSP Revenues Continued Torrid Growth in 2000 at 128%

FRAMINGHAM, MA – JULY 9, 2001 – While many expected growth in the application server software platform (ASSP) market to begin to moderate in 2000, it instead got stronger. In 1999, worldwide revenues grew an impressive 110% to $957 million. In 2000, revenues grew another 128% and reached almost $2.2 billion. Strong growth is expected to continue through 2005.


"It’s difficult to overstate the significance of this growth rate. When a market reaches the level of maturity that the ASSP market reached in 1999, annual growth usually slows, not accelerates," said Steve Garone, IDC’s vice president of Application Development and Deployment research. "End users are clearly demonstrating a strong commitment to moving forward with the distributed, multitiered, component-based solutions for which ASSP products form the foundation."

End users also apparently seem to be showing a preference for BEA Systems’ and IBM’s ASSP products. According to IDC, these two vendors broke away from the pack in 2000 with revenue shares of 18% and 15%, respectively. Sun was third with 8%.

"Survival in the ASSP market requires more than just ASSP products. Vendors need to provide an ebusiness platform that includes all the functions necessary to build and deploy ebusiness applications, leveraging the ASSP as the foundation layer," Garone said. "BEA and IBM both understand this requirement."

IDC recently published Application Server Software Platforms Market Forecast and Analysis, 2001-2005 (IDC #B24828). This bulletin forecasts revenues in the worldwide market through 2005, segmented by geography and operating environment. It also gives 2000 revenue shares by vendor. Major trends impacting the market are analyzed. To purchase this bulletin, contact Cheryl Toffel at 1-800-343-4952, extension 4389, or at

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