IDC Survey Shows Not Enough Importance Is Placed on the Handling of Security Issues in European Companies

COPENHAGEN – JUNE 22, 2001 – European companies are increasingly realizing that security is a “must have” for those who want to establish trusted relationships with business partners and consumers. Despite this realization, IDC believes many companies are mishandling these security issues.


IDC’s survey found little consistency in terms of allocating responsibility for security issues and little sign that security is being dealt with at the corporate level. "Few companies have a dedicated security role as part of the business side of the organization. This implies that businesses are happy delegating security issues to the IT department. While the implementation of security issues is bound to rest within IT, the security requirements need to be recognized as a business issue," said Thomas Raschke, program manager with IDC’s European Internet Security research.

Almost half of the companies interviewed said their IT director or manager was responsible for security within the organization. Overall, 61% of respondents put the responsibility within the IT departments of the organization and 30% within the business departments. An alarming 9% said they have no single person or function in charge of security. "There’s an apparent degree of overconfidence in the ability of organizations to deal with threats to the business posed by security breaches," Raschke said. "However, this will change as businesses recognize an increasing need to protect relationships with business partners and customers."

According to IDC, antivirus software products enjoy an extraordinarily high penetration among European business. Security 3A (authorization, administration and authentication) and firewall products are runners up. Encryption and intrusion detection solutions are expected to be widely implemented within the next one to three years. Currently, 46% of respondents have adopted intrusion detection with an additional 17% expecting to implement this security technology within the next year. For encryption, the numbers are 40% and 20%, respectively.

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