IDC System Management Software Tracker Finds Strong Growth in Second Half of 2010 and Revenue Gain of More Than $1 Billion for the Full Year

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., June 16, 2011 – The worldwide systems management software market experienced year-over-year revenue growth of 8.2% in the second half of 2010 (2H10). Total 2H10 revenues were $7.3 billion, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Semiannual System Management Software Tracker. Worldwide revenues for the full year 2010 were up 7.9% compared to 2009, representing a gain of more than $1 billion over the 12 month period.

"Demand for systems management software was driven by the continuing economic recovery, which stimulated increased IT spending, hardware refresh and upgrade cycles, and new investments in managing virtualized and cloud infrastructures," said Tim Grieser, program vice president, Enterprise System Management Software. "With virtualization and cloud development among the top priorities for most enterprises, IDC expects the systems management software market will continue to experience strong demand."

For the first time in a semiannual period, the Change and Configuration Management functional market passed the $2 billion mark during 2H10. Countries that contributed with very strong growth rates included the United States, Japan, France, Australia, and Canada. This functional market is forecast to continue performing at above average growth in 2011 at 8.7%. Two other functional markets are also expected to experience above average growth during 2011: Problem Management and Workload Scheduling and Automation. From a country perspective, IDC believes Australia, Brazil, Canada, Russia, China, and India will all achieve double-digit growth rates during 2011.

"For the 2H10 release, the Tracker published market size and share for 130 vendors around the globe, thirteen of which achieved more than $100 million in software revenue globally," said Wilvin Chee, associate vice president, Worldwide Software Trackers. "Among the top 10 vendors, five vendors (Microsoft, Hitachi, NEC, VMware, and Symantec) managed to achieve double-digit year-over-year growth rates globally."

IBM and BMC were the only two vendors that achieved more than a 10% market share globally. IBM's products in the Performance Management, Workload Scheduling and Automation, and Change and Configuration Management functional markets each achieved year-over-year growth of more than 9%. Overall, its strongest country growth came from the U.S., Japan, France, Australia, Canada, and China. China and France were particularly impressive, achieving 45% and 30% year-over-year growth respectively. BMC enjoyed even stronger growth in the same functional markets, achieving year-on-year growth of more than 10% in each market. The strongest geographic markets for BMC were Germany, Brazil, and Australia.

About the Worldwide Semiannual System Management Software Tracker

IDC's Worldwide Semiannual System Management Software Tracker provides total market size and vendor share for the following functional markets that comprise the system management software market in IDC's software taxonomy: event management; workload scheduling and automation; output management; performance management; change and configuration management; and problem management. Measurement for this Tracker is total software revenue, which includes license plus maintenance plus SaaS and other subscription revenue. The Tracker covers 6 geographic regions with country-level data for 13 nations. Annual five-year market forecasts are updated semiannually and include five-year annual market projections. Forecasts are available at worldwide, regional, and country levels.

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