IDC/LINK Goes To Field With Unprecedented 1998 People And Telecommunications Survey

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., Feb. 9, 1998 — Based on a unprecedented sample size of 6,000 households, IDC/LINK's 1998 People and Telecommunications Survey, going to field this week, will provide a rich multi-dimensional view of U.S. consumer spending, usage, attitudes and choices relating to telephone, Internet, cellular/PCS, paging, cable TV, and satellite TV.

For 12 years, IDC/LINK has been going to the consumer market with sophisticated survey methodologies to collect a comprehensive demand-side database of the telecommunications industry. Each year the survey is updated to reflect new

brands, new services and deeper details on consumer telecommunications usage. In 1998, the industry turmoil caused by opening the local telecommunications markets, entry of non-traditional service providers, and explosive growth of Internet are being felt in the consumer markets.

In 1998, IDC/LINK's entire approach has been restructured to better capture the consumer's perspective on convergence and bundling, as well as the consumer's challenge to make sense of the bewildering array of choices presented in home

and personal communications.

In addition to growth in consumer telephone, Internet, cellular/PCS and paging calls, today's separate networks for local voice, long distance voice, Internet, cable TV, wireless and paging will coalesce ever more in the future. This is driven by consumer demand to use all services – from voice communication through the Internet to multimedia applications – via a single network access and a single service provider.

The best market research is comprehensive enough to capture all influential variables, yet detailed enough to support industry metrics such as minutes of use, online session duration, calling party pays, mega-minute rate plans, churners, spinners, brand awareness, and customer satisfaction. IDC/LINK is the only market research company with proven expertise in the consumer communications convergence, and with established sophisticated consumer research


FAQs about the 1998 People and Telecommunications Survey

Q. What's happening in IDC/LINK's telecom group?

A. This week, IDC/LINK began fielding its largest syndicated telecom survey ever, the 1998 People and Telecommunications Survey. This survey will provide the detailed information on residential services (including local and long distance phone service, Internet service, and cable and satellite TV service), wireless services and products, telecom brand image and telecom service bundling. To make its telecom research even more powerful, this year IDC/LINK has refocused it primary research efforts and combined four surveys into one consolidated instrument.

Q. Why did IDC/LINK decide to combine its surveys?

A. Because by doing so, there will be nearly 6,000 interviews making the analysis extremely robust. Cross tabulations will be by RBOC region and, for selected data, by 17 geographic regions, several of which are one-state regions.

Q. Now, won't this make the survey way too long for anyone to want to complete?

A. Respondents will not have to be on the phone for hours. The questionnaire is divided into four main sections and each

respondent will answer a general section and one other section.

Q. How will the results be presented?

A. The results will be presented in four studies: The 1998 Personal Wireless Communications User Survey; The 1998 Survey of Wireless Users, Former Users and Non-Users; The 1998 Brands and Bundles Study; and The 1998 Residential

Telecommunications Study.

Q. When and how can I get a copy?

A. Fielding will be complete early in April. Survey results will be out toward the end of the second quarter. Clients of IDC/LINK's Continuous Information Services will receive the respective surveys as part of their ongoing services. To purchase a copy of any of the surveys, please contact Janis Dempsey at 508-935-4145 or by email at

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