IDC’s ‘Big Data and Analytics Forum 2013’ Set for Timely Arrival in Abu Dhabi as CIOs Gear Up to Tackle Explosive Data Growth

With total worldwide data set to expand from 2.8 trillion gigabytes in 2012 to 40 trillion gigabytes by 2020, IDC's new 'Big Data and Analytics Roundtable 2013' at Abu Dhabi's Emirates Palace on November 18 promises to help organizations harness this meteoric growth in order to gain a competitive edge. Bringing together an enviable lineup of industry experts, the event will equip enterprising IT executives with all the tools necessary to extract real value from a whole range of unstructured data sources, while simultaneously addressing issues around security, privacy, and intellectual property protection.

Senior market analysts will join forces with representatives of the world's leading technology vendors to explain why existing analysis techniques are no longer up to the task of discovering, capturing, and analyzing potentially critical trends and insights that are buried deep within huge datasets. Featuring a series of keynote addresses, real-life case studies, expert panel discussions, and open Q&A sessions, the event will firmly cement the need for the region's enterprising organizations to board the burgeoning Big Data bandwagon.

IDC defines Big Data technologies as a new generation of technologies and architectures designed to economically extract value from very large volumes of a wide variety of data by enabling high-velocity capture, discovery, and/or analysis. Big Data holds significant business potential across all industries and for businesses of all sizes. It goes hand-in-hand with cloud adoption as it can tap into the cloud's flexibility and virtually unlimited computing resources. The figures tell their own story when it comes to the rapidly expanding phenomenon of Big Data; indeed, IDC expects the global Big Data technology and services market to reach a value of $23.8 billion by 2016. This represents a staggering compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 31.7%, or about seven times the rate of growth tipped for the overall ICT market!

"The UAE has been at the forefront of business analytics and Big Data adoption across the Middle East region," says Ranjit Rajan, IDC's regional research director for software in the Middle East, Africa, and Turkey. "Just over 40% of CIOs in the Middle East have reported that they are scoping investments in analytics and Big Data technologies in 2013, while 58% also believe that governance, regulation, and compliance requirements and reporting, as well as a need for greater transparency, are forcing investments in Big Data and analytics technologies. Reflecting this trend, investment in business analytics solutions across the region is expected to increase at a CAGR of more than 20% over the next five years."

The agenda for the event in Abu Dhabi will center on the desire of forward-thinking organizations to create and store more transactional data in digital form, collect more accurate and detailed performance information, and substantially improve their decision-making capabilities.

For more information about IDC Big Data and Business Analytics Forum 2013 and to learn about the range of flexible partnership opportunities on offer, please contact Ms. Ronita Bhattacharjee, associate vice president for conferences at IDC Middle East, Africa, and Turkey, at or on +971 4 391 2747.