IDC’s ConsumerScape 360° Service Launches New Southeast Asia Coverage

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., August 4, 2011 – International Data Corporation (IDC) today announced the expansion of its ConsumerScape 360° coverage from 21 countries to 24 with the addition of in-depth consumer research for the Philippines, Thailand, and Taiwan. At 24 countries, IDC's ConsumerScape 360° practice is now the worldwide leader in coverage for all things consumer technology related, from brand health and performance, to device ownership, to service, application and device usage, and future purchase trends across all 24 countries.

Southeast Asia (SEA) coverage is of pivotal importance to anyone in the consumer technology game. The ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) member nations have more than 600 million consumers and represent one of the fastest growing emerging market regions in the world.

The expansion of IDC's SEA consumer research coverage will enable ConsumerScape 360° to deliver "deep dive" knowledge about consumers' technology use and preferences down to the brand level in these markets. For example, 62% of iPhone users worldwide use their iPhone to connect to the Internet on a daily basis. In the Philippines, this number jumps to 69%. The opposite story is true for users of Blackberry smartphones. Worldwide, more than half of Blackberry users connect to the Internet daily, while in the Philippines, Blackberry users are less likely to connect to the Internet via their Blackberry smartphone (37% vs. 51% worldwide).

Michael DeHart, director of IDC's ConsumerScape 360°, is working with regional analysts to continue expanding IDC's global consumer research. Having "feet on the street" in all regions gives IDC the unparalleled ability to not only publish data on emerging market economies, but also to be able to translate this data into strategic recommendations from a product development, brand equity, and marketing strategy standpoint.

About IDC's ConsumerScape 360°

IDC's ConsumerScape 360º service utilizes direct global primary research to provide insights and trends regarding consumer electronics and digital services. As data, communication, video, and entertainment services proliferate, the way businesses segment consumers needs to evolve. Using advanced market segmentation techniques, ConsumerScape 360º identifies and profiles consumer electronics market segments based on ownership/usage behavior, technology adoption, brand preference, competitive analysis, and psychographic factors governing cross-category spend. This year's ConsumerScape 360º covers Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and United States.

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