IDC’s Leasing Evaluation Web Tool Helps Lessors and Lessees Gain Financial Control of IT Assets

FRAMINGHAM, MA — SEPTEMBER 29, 2000 — IDC today announced it has enhanced its Web-based Leasing Evaluation Services, including a new Leasing eValuator Web tool (, which specifically addresses current and future management of corporations' computing assets.

"Many factors, including technical innovation, product obsolescence, and vendor competition directly impact the value of equipment over time," said Brian Clarke, IDC vice president of Pricing Evaluation and Leasing Evaluation programs.

Drawing from an extensive set of resources, including vendors, end users, secondary market contacts, and relevant IDC research, the Leasing eValuator is an online product database designed to further assist users in making informed purchasing versus leasing decisions with access to a real-time, detailed array of products' pricing and specifications. This tool provides insight into current and future market conditions, product life cycles, and the cost of investing in computing technologies. By analyzing residual values, vendor product strategies, and the technical versus useful life of computing platforms, users and lessors will grasp the critical issues that shape the value of their IT assets.

Key Benefits of the Leasing eValuator

· Residual value charting gives users an interactive graphing tool to aid in leasing versus purchasing decisions between several products

· Residual value interpolator enables lessors or lessees to determine the residual value of a leased product for any specific month in the future

· An online product database that further assists users in making informed purchasing versus leasing decisions with access to a real-time, detailed array of

products’ pricing and specifications.

· Integration to key information from IDC’s vast body of research provides comprehensive and actionable analysis

IDC’s Leasing Evaluation Services (formerly Asset Management Services) help businesses deal with the daunting task of the physical and financial management of their computing assets. These interactive, data-rich services — which focus on networking, communications systems, PCs and PC servers, and servers and peripherals — examine an array of technology trends, and educate vendors, lessees, and lessors on how these trends will impact IT equipment life cycles, fair market values, and lease rates and terms. This information enables lessees to make well-informed decisions on the acceptance of lease rates and terms, while helping lessors write lease terms that effectively utilize product life cycles.

For more information on IDC’s Leasing Evaluation Services or eValuator Web Tool, please contact Alan Promisel at 508-935-4030 or

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