IDC’s Third Annual European Telecoms Forum to Focus on Broadband Revolution

LONDON, JANUARY 19, 2001 – Broadband is set to revolutionize the telecoms industry and transform ebusiness. Massive bandwidth capacity – a necessary condition for the delivery of value-added services – is now a reality. Once this new capacity becomes available "anywhere," increased competition in the market will erode its price and turn connectivity into a simple commodity. IDC will examine the impact of broadband at its third European Telecoms Forum, titled "Broadband Anywhere: The Brave New World," which takes place in Rome on February 26 and 27, 2001.


"When connectivity becomes a commodity, service providers will be forced to find alternative revenue channels to selling traffic or circuits," said Eric Owen, director of IDC's European Telecommunications Services program. "Services, platforms, and tailored networks for ecommerce, portals, ASPs, mcommerce, and Internet data centers will be the new revenue generators that drive future profits for these companies." The broadening of activity among these formerly dedicated telecom carriers will also create new markets and new players.

"Mergers and alliances are already happening as companies push to achieve the best position from which to leverage the obvious future scenario – namely, the digital convergence of content, media broadcasting, and the Internet," Owen said.

This year's European Telecoms Forum will discuss future development of the market, address new ways to make profits after the "death" of connectivity costs, and examine the new technologies that will dominate the market and the new picture of that market as alliances and mergers attain stability.

At the European Telecoms Forum 2001, senior IDC telecoms analysts and experienced telco executives will examine the issues that are set to shape the telecoms industry in Europe in coming years. The European Telecoms Forum is the place to interact with Europe's premier telecoms research group, learn from seasoned carriers, and gain the insights that will give attendees a head start in the race for success in tomorrow's business.

Carriers from all over Europe will share their success stories with the attendees, while top IDC analysts will act as integrators, with the added value of IDC's research and expertise.

Keynote Speakers

· Prof. Jeremy Rifkin, President of the Foundation on Economic Trends

· Ray Hammond, Futurologist

· Gigi Wang, Senior Vice President Communications, IDC

· Mark Winther, Group Vice President, Telecommunications, IDC

· Peter Newcombe, President, Unified Network Solutions, Nortel Networks

· Ulrich Schoen, President, Access Solutions Information & Communication Networks Group, Siemens AG

· Eric A. Brewer, Chief Scientist and Co-Founder, Inktomi Corporation

· John Troyer, Member, WAP Forum and CTO & Co-founder, Neomar

· Willem Verbiest, Vice President DSL Access, Carrier Internetworking Division, Alcatel

· Scott Erickson, Senior Vice President Global Marketing – Wireless Network Group, Lucent Technologies

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