IDC’s Top 10 List of Worldwide Network Consulting and Integration Services Vendors Reveals IBM Global Services Maintains Top Revenue Position

FRAMINGHAM, MA – JUNE 7, 2001 – IDC today announced the 10 leading IT services companies in the worldwide network consulting and integration services market ranked according to year 2000 revenues.


IBM Global Services maintained its market-leading position with 18% of the $18.2 billion market as discussed in IDC’s bulletin Network Consulting and Integration Services: Year 2000 Top Market Share Leaders and Winning Attributes. Other top five industry leaders consisted of:

· EDS 8.2%

· Compaq 5.8%

· Getronics 5.8%

· Lucent 5.2%

"Because IBM’s core customer base tends to be more mature enterprise clients, the vendor’s various revenue streams were spared some of the fallout from the dot-com and service provider collapse that affected many other players in this market during the second-half of the year," said Richard Dean, manager of IDC’s Network Support and Integration Services research program.

IDC also sees a number of vendors with significant operations outside of the United States gaining momentum in this space, including Amsterdam-based Getronics, London-based Marconi, and Dimension Data Holdings headquartered in South Africa.

With current marketshare positions reflecting a point in time, IDC cautions that leading vendors should not become complacent with current program offerings as technologies and customer expectations are constantly shifting.

"Today’s traditional network consulting and integration services are evolving into more business process-based offerings that span the Internet, intranet, extranet, wireless, and VPN remote access segments of the communications spectrum," Dean said. "Vendors will be asked to transform their clients’ existing network architectures from vehicles used for data communications to vehicles of converged communications that can cultivate strong brand perception, operate secure ecommerce environments, and ultimately achieve corporate objectives."

In reviewing the competitive landscape, IDC believes only a handful of vendors currently possess the scope and capabilities and resources necessary to deliver all of these requirements.

IDC’s new bulletin Network Consulting and Integration Services: Year 2000 Top Market Share Leaders and Winning Attributes (IDC #B24769) reveals the 10 leading network service vendors in the worldwide and U.S. markets and their 2000 market shares based on revenue. It also looks at services vendors that are emerging rapidly in the market. Finally, the bulletin discusses the attributes competitors will need to succeed in this market in the coming years.

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