IDC/World Times Research Reveals The United States Has A 35 Percent Lead In The Information Revolution

BOSTON, March 16, 1998 — International Data Corporation (IDC) and World Times, Inc. have released their second Information Society Index (ISI), the world's first measure of countries' capacity to access, absorb and utilize information and information technologies. The analysis reveals the United States has a 35 percent lead over second place Finland. The United Kingdom and Japan rank 10th and 11th behind all the Scandinavian countries. Germany placed 15th in overall rankings.

Of the 55 developed and developing countries included in the ISI, prior to the region's economic downturn this past autumn, the Asia/Pacific region contained 10 of the 14 fastest growing information societies. IDC/World Times conclude this bodes well for Asia's abilities to use the information revolution as a significant engine of growth once its economic houses are in order.

The ISI analyzes those 55 countries that account for 97 percent of global GDP and 99 percent of global IT spending. The ISI is updated annually, with research and reports produced to help information technology (IT) and telecommunications companies assess markets around the world. A separate report is produced as a planning tool for governments. The ISI measures a number of distinct variables to provide a single indicator on countries' progress toward an economy driven by information technology. The 20 variables fall into three critical infrastructures: social (e.g., school enrollment, press freedom, and civil liberties), information (telephone lines/household, telephone faults/line, cellular phones per capita, and the like), and computer (PCs installed per capita, percentage of networked PCs, software/hardware spending, and Internet hosts per capita, etc.).

The 1998 IDC/World Times Information Society Index (IDC #B14856) is available for purchase by contacting Cheryl Toffel at 508-935-4389. For additional information on this study, please call Lisa Bloom at 508-935-4236 or Rose Yap at 617-439-5400.

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