IDG Announces the Launch of Electronic Design & Application World in China

BOSTON, MA – DECEMBER 4, 2002 – International Data Group (IDG), the world's leading technology media company, today announced the launch of Electronic Design & Application World magazine in partnership with the Institute of Scientific & Technical Information China (ISTIC), a division of China's Ministry of Science & Technology. The new monthly magazine premieres in December with a controlled circulation comprised of 30,000 Chinese electronics design and applications engineers. The publication plans to apply for a BPA circulation audit in 2003.


Electronic Design & Application World is the second electronics magazine in China to be co-published by IDG. In addition to 16 newspapers and magazines for the information technology industry, IDG China also co-publishes Electronic Engineering & Product World, a nine-year-old twice-monthly magazine reaching 35,000 electronics and engineering managers.

"Electronic Design & Application World is targeted at bench-level engineers in the electronics industry," said Hugo Shong, managing director of IDG Asia. "Between Electronic Design & Application World and Electronic Engineering & Product World, we plan to extend our reach in China to over 60,000 BPA-qualified buyers of semiconductors, electronics components, test equipment and other products used by the electronics industry. Electronic Engineering & Product World, which carries more advertising than any other electronics magazine in China, is targeted at high level engineers, senior design engineers and engineering managers."

According to Shong, China's US$60 billion electronics industry is growing at a rate of 16.5 percent a year, making it the fastest growing electronics market in the world. Shong also said Electronic Design & Application World has shown strong momentum with the premiere issue expected to carry more than 50 ad pages.

Both electronics magazines are published by a joint venture established a decade ago by IDG and the Institute of Scientific & Technical Information China (ISTIC), a division of China's Ministry of Science & Technology. The IDG-ISTIC joint venture recently named Mary Chen, group publisher of both Electronic Design & Application World and Electronic Engineering & Product World magazines.

Most of the articles in Electronic Design & Application World will be staff written, Ms. Chen said. The remainder will be supplied under license by four electronics magazines published by PennWell, a US publisher of 40 business magazines. Under the agreement, selected articles will be translated into Chinese every month from Portable Design, Integrated Communications Design, and Connector Specifier magazines.

Founded in 1995, Portable Design is a technology magazine about the design of cell phones, PDAs, notebook computers and other wireless products. Founded in 1999, Integrated Communications Design covers the design and application of optoelectronic technology. Founded in 1985, Connector Specifier covers black-plane and interconnection technology.

"We are extremely pleased about the partnership between IDG, ISTIC and PennWell," Shong said. "Together we can bring some of the finest articles about electronics application technology to China through Electronic Design & Application World."

For more information on this publication, please contact Group Publisher Mary Chen, at

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