IDG chairman and founder Pat McGovern cites Asia Pacific as outpacing world average in “information wealth”

SANTA CLARA, Nov. 19, 1998 – Pat McGovern, founder and chairman of International Data Group (IDG), indicated that Asia Pacific had the highest growth of any region worldwide – led by an expansion in its computer infrastructure – in the capacity to effectively absorb information in 1998, far outpacing the average world growths. Speaking before top political and business leaders at the "PECC: Asia Pacific Information Technology Summit" here today, McGovern said that Asia Pacific's "information wealth" — a primary catalyst for economic growth — will continue well into the new millennium.

"As we move from an industrial economy to an information economy – in which intellectual know-how will eclipse financial capital as the true measure of wealth – the Asia Pacific region enjoys an extraordinarily strong competitive advantage," said McGovern, during his address "Information Acceleration: Stimulating Asia Pacific IT Growth."

McGovern referred to recent findings from the Information Society Index (ISI), developed by IDG's International Data Corporation (IDC) and World Times. The ISI evaluates the long-term consequences of variables that will impact the IT future of key regions worldwide. In addition to measuring IT spending, the traditional means of measuring a market, the ISI measures a nation's "information wealth" by looking at variables across key infrastructures including: Computer Infrastructure, Information Infrastructure, Social Infrastructure and Internet Infrastructure.

"Just as the GDP is a standard for measuring each country's economic wealth, the ISI is a measure of a country's information wealth, a key driver of economic success in the information revolution," noted McGovern.

According to the ISI forecasts for 1999, Asia Pacific is expected to continue its strong growth in its ability to absorb information, with an anticipated rebound from six percent growth in 1998 to eight percent growth by the year 2000.

"Information can be generated, built upon, and transferred anywhere – as long as the physical and human resources are in place to receive and use it effectively," said McGovern. "For this reason, the nations that will be most successful in the information revolution will probably not be those that were most successful in the industrial revolution. In tomorrow's world, cultural assets may well have greater value than financial assets."

"Countries like Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand are in far stronger positions to take advantage of the information revolution than they were to exploit the industrial revolution," he continued. "The nations that will be successful in the information revolution may be large or small, and are unfettered as to hemisphere. Assuredly, however, they will have invested in the critical information, computer, social and Internet infrastructures."

Information Services are the 'Seeds of Market Growth'

IDG has been bringing information services to Asia Pacific for more than 30 years, including publications, research, web sites and seminars. IDG's China Computerworld is the single largest computer publication in the world. IDG has 16 additional publications in China, ten trade shows, three research centers, a PC training company and a book publishing company.

McGovern said "Information services are the seeds of market growth. By providing accurate, timely useful information, IDG's mission is to help businesses increase productivity and to help people increase their quality of life. This principle is well understood in the Asia Pacific market, given the deep and rich traditions of the region – prominent among them the culturalreverence for knowledge and education. The capacity of the region to absorb information – the state of its network infrastructure, its educational programs, its cultural traditions – hold the key to a tremendous future."

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