IDG Expands Global Online Network To 250 Computing Web Sites

BOSTON, MA, JULY 16, 1999 — International Data Group (IDG), the world's largest IT media and information services company, today announced that its online network has reached a new milestone of 250 Web publications including the Computerworld, InfoWorld, Network World and PC World product families. With publications in 55 countries, the IDG Web Network ( is the largest global online network serving technology buyers.

Since January, 1999, more than 20 new sites have been launched by IDG. The expansion included new Web publications in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, and the US. Among the new titles: InternetGuiden (Sweden), PC World Egypt Online, Windows NT Advantage (US), Solutions Integrator Online (US), (US), Año 2000 & Euro (Spain), TechCentral (Ireland), Mobile World (Japan), LinuxWorld (Czech Republic).

"This latest wave of growth reflects our ongoing strategy of serving each buying audience with information tailored to its needs," said Kelly Conlin, president and CEO, IDG. "Collectively, our sites constitute the richest, most comprehensive store of technology information, and the most useful and targeted array of technology advertising opportunities."

Since 1997, IDG has provided advertisers access to its entire online network through its Global Web Ad Network service. The IDG Global Web Ad Network provides "one stop shopping" for global, pan-regional, and multi-site advertising programs. Since its inception in 1997, the IDG Global Web Ad Network has carried thousands of global and local programs, including multi-country advertising programs for IBM, HP, Intel, Microsoft, 3Com, Novell, and others.

About IDG

Headquartered in Boston, International Data Group (IDG) informs more people worldwide about information technology than any other company in the world. With annual revenues of $2.35 billion, IDG is the leading global provider of IT media, research, conferences and expositions. IDG publishes more than 290 computer newspapers and magazines and 700 book titles in 75 countries, led by Computerworld/InfoWorld, Macworld, Network World, PC World, Channel World, and the ". . . For Dummies" global product lines. IDG offers online users the largest network of technology sites around the world through (, which comprises 250 targeted web sites in 55 countries. IDG is also a leading producer of 168 computer-related expositions in 35 countries, and its research arm, International Data Corporation (IDC) provides computer industry research and analysis through 49 offices in 42 countries worldwide. Company information is available at