IDG Extends Successful Windows 2000 Advantage Program Globally

BOSTON, MA, MARCH 28, 2000 – International Data Group’s (IDG) U.S.-based Windows 2000 Advantage program continues to gain momentum, expanding to eight countries and providing timely news and information on Microsoft’s Windows 2000 to 1.4 million readers. This integrated, first-of-its-kind marketing program leverages IDG’s global network of information services, featuring a custom Web-based publication (, research and a powerful peer-to-peer network exchange that includes live chats, columns and Q&As.

The Windows 2000 Advantage marketing program enables Compaq and Microsoft to develop a dedicated Web-based user community around the launch of Windows 2000. Additionally, the program will support the evolution and rapid adoption of Windows 2000 in enterprise environments, and be the primary source of timely, useful information for planning and integrating it with Compaq solutions and services.

“IDG’s custom publishing programs provide IT leaders with new, creative options for their strategic, integrated marketing campaigns,” said Kelly Conlin, president and CEO, IDG. “By combining our industry expertise and market insight with the technical knowledge of known industry leaders such as Microsoft and Compaq, we deliver a vehicle that provides insight into real world product performance, best practices and peer reviews, while offering a valuable link between technical achievements and business results.”

A primary component of the integrated program is a rich Web-focused custom publication,, developed by Computerworld’s Custom Publishing Group and sponsored by Microsoft and Compaq. Custom content from the Windows 2000 Advantage Web site is also leveraged in Computerworld print publications in the U.S. and eight other countries including France, Australia, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Italy and Singapore – reaching 1.4 million readers. Foreign language microsites have also been launched in Germany and France. This marketing initiative illustrates an evolving custom publishing model being implemented across IDG’s global family of publications. Instead of re-purposing print content for use on the Web, this effort turns the traditional publishing model upside down by “re-orienting” content – taking it from a Web publication and feeding IDG’s print publications worldwide.

Since its initial launch, has developed a loyal community of more than 18,000 unique readers interested in keeping abreast of Windows 2000-focused news and information. On a broader scale, this marketing program provides IT leaders with a powerful, peer-to-peer network, as well as access to research from International Data Corporation (IDC), vendor point of views, surveys, live chats, columns, Q&As, insight into international issues and in-depth stories on topics such as scalability, mobility, migration, return on investment (ROI), optimizing e-commerce solutions and more.

This program is significant for Microsoft and Compaq – representing Microsoft’s largest OEM project and Compaq’s first worldwide, cross-organizational initiative impacting desktop, servers, portables and services business units. This is also the first time these IT industry leaders have partnered so far in advance of a major launch, demonstrating their commitment to creating a comprehensive resource to provide credible information to IT leaders, ensuring a smooth transition from Windows NT to Windows 2000.

“The companies’ vision is to have computer users look to Compaq and Microsoft when they seek guidance on deploying Windows 2000 solutions,” said Ron Milton, vice president and general manager, Enterprise Business Solutions, Computerworld, Inc. “Computerworld’s custom publishing group is uniquely suited for this program, helping to put this vision into action by creating an ongoing forum in which computer users can interact with peers and technologists looking to benefit from collective knowledge on making purchase decisions, testing and implementing business critical solutions.”

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