IDG Launches Hi-Tech Entrepreneur Magazine In China

BOSTON, MA – OCTOBER 31, 2002 – International Data Group (IDG), the world's leading technology media company, today announced the launch of Hi-Tech Entrepreneur, a monthly magazine providing news, case studies, and information on best business practices for the managers of fast-growing technology companies in China.


The premiere issue of Hi-Tech Entrepreneur magazine with 80 pages, and 24 pages of advertising from leading advertisers offering automobiles, leather goods, air travel, as well as enterprise IT and office equipment, is launching in Beijing on November 1st.

Led by Executive Publisher Yin Rong, with a staff of 27, including editors, designers, circulation, production, sales, and administrative executives, Hi-Tech Entrepreneur will reach a paid circulation of 50,000. Prior to joining IDG China, Ms. Rong was the publisher of Smart Partner China for five years, after serving as publisher of China Computer Education News for three years.

IDG started publishing in China in 1980 with the launch of China Computerworld. Since then, it has become the largest U.S. publisher in China, issuing technology and business publications such as PC World, Network World, IT CEO & CIO, Electronic Engineering & Product World, and Telecom World, and consumer publications such as Cosmopolitan, Modern Bride, Esquire, Good Housekeeping, and Harper's Bazaar. Hi-Tech Entrepreneur is IDG's 26th publication in China.

"Hi-Tech Entrepreneur was created to meet the demand for information about the best strategies for managing high-growth enterprises addressing the technology market," said Hugo Shong, managing director of IDG China. "Tens of thousands of new technology enterprises are starting each year in China, and the leaders of these enterprises need to be brought up-to-date on the world's best business practices in operating a company in the fast-growing, highly competitive environment of today's economy in China."

Patrick McGovern, founder and chairman of IDG, learned during his more than 80 trips to China that the number one request of Chinese entrepreneurs is for information about how successful high-tech businesses measure markets, develop strategies for pricing, packaging and distribution, establish international partnerships and alliances, and finance rapid growth through the proper balance of debt and equity.

"I am pleased with the support the premiere issue of Hi-Tech Entrepreneur has received," said Patrick McGovern. "And, I am certain 10 years from now that it will be seen as one of the most successful information sources for entrepreneurs in the world."

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