IDG Launches New Lead Tracking Platform For Technology Marketers

BOSTON, MA – JUNE 25, 2002 – International Data Group (IDG), the world's leading technology media company, today announced the launch of IDG LEADS™, the first single source Lead Evaluation and Delivery System (LEADS) that allows technology marketers to track and manage the leads generated from campaigns that span IDG's global family of information resources. Powered by proprietary technology developed by IDG's, this new tracking system provides technology marketers 24 x 7 access to each program's audience demographics and the opportunity to refocus marketing campaigns midstream to generate the highest ROI.


"Today it is critical for technology marketers to quickly access the results of marketing campaigns so they can adapt the campaigns to generate high quality leads," said Dan Belmont, president of Carat Business and Technology, the Business-to-Business arm of the largest independent media services company in the world. "IDG LEADS is an invaluable tool that will vastly change the marketing process, giving marketers the flexibility to maximize every dollar spent across integrated marketing campaigns."

Through IDG LEADS, marketers can access and download data from registration and evaluation surveys and view aggregate audience demographics in real time, enabling them to conduct immediate, targeted follow up with potential customers and tailor future outreach. Customized reports and graphical representation of the respondent data also reveal patterns providing more insight into potential customer buying behavior, job function and geographic location.

"IDG is taking the lead generation process one step further with the development of IDG LEADS as a valuable marketing intelligence tool that technology marketers at any size company can use to efficiently manage the leads generated from any combination of marketing campaigns they have initiated across our publishing, online and events divisions," said Kelly Conlin, president and CEO of IDG. "By providing marketing professionals with the response data from multiple marketing vehicles in one location, IDG is able to demonstrate results clearly and quickly so marketers can they can use their time and money more efficiently to drive business growth."

Innovative Technology Streamlines Marketing Process

The proprietary IDG LEADS technology created by enables registration and survey forms to be built on the fly without requiring complex database changes. The data-centric process enables quick development and change to registration, polling, and evaluation questions that are reflected in the IDG LEADS reporting tool immediately. This highly flexible leads system can be used for any marketing initiatives such as webcasts, white papers, microsites, newsletter subscriptions, live seminars and events, as well as print and web advertising programs, making the task of monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of integrated campaigns a more defined and a beneficial process.

Groove Networks is currently using IDG LEADS to track the success of the webcasting campaign it developed with Groove Networks marketers can use this demographic and psychographic data to follow up with current prospects, and measure the return on their marketing investment.

"Using IDG LEADS has allowed us to quickly assess the results of our webcast and tailor campaigns to optimize results," said Lesley Mottla, marketing programs manager at Groove Networks. "Today's environment demands that all marketing programs be measurable. With IDG LEADS, I'm able to fill our sales funnel with more qualified leads, which is critical to improving the productivity of our sales team."

About International Data Group (IDG)

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