IDG News Service Adds Bio-IT Coverage to Address Emerging Life Sciences Market; IDG Continues Investment in Life Sciences With Expansion of International News Service

BOSTON, MA – FEBRUARY 12, 2002 – To meet the diverse information needs of the rapidly changing global technology landscape, International Data Group (IDG), the world's leading technology media company, provides its journalists with the most comprehensive technology news network in the world, the IDG News Service, which has now expanded to cover the emerging life sciences market.


"With the upcoming launches of Bio-IT publications in Sweden, China, Australia, and the United States, the debut of the BioITWorld Conference & Expo in Boston next month, and the recently launched IDC life sciences division, IDG has a need for journalists who can provide our existing publications and websites with timely information on IT and bioinformatics news, technology products and services for life sciences applications," said Kelly Conlin, president and CEO of IDG.

In addition, IDG is also expanding coverage of the life sciences internationally. With IDG News Service correspondents on every continent, life science news will instantly be available to all of IDG's 630 publications and websites worldwide — delivering information to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, biochemical, healthcare and agricultural industries.

IDG's internal news service is a proprietary asset to all of IDG's publications and websites by delivering the local perspective on the latest issues in the technology industry. An example of this benefit occurred in The Netherlands this month when an IDG News Service international correspondent was the first to break the story on Larry Ellison's surprise announcement at Oracle's AppsWorld event in Amsterdam concerning changes in the company's pricing strategy and outsourcing plan. This breaking news was instantly distributed on the IDG News Service internal wire and was made available to all IDG publications and websites worldwide — providing readers with details not available anywhere else.

Established in 1986 to assist IDG's 300 international technology publications in covering breaking international news, the IDG News Service draws on the services of more than 2,000 journalists providing comprehensive global IT coverage and reporting from every continent in the world. With bureaus located in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Taipei, Singapore, Paris, Berlin, London, Brussels, San Francisco, San Mateo, New York, Miami and Boston, the IDG News Service is the only true international technology wire service.

"Recognizing the challenges that IT professionals face today — of trying to keep up-to-date on the latest innovations, new product launches and company announcements, IDG invests in the IDG News Service as another tool to continuously improve and maintain our publications' and websites' editorial quality," said Elizabeth Heichler, editor in chief of the IDG News Service. "The IDG News Service provides unparalleled resources dedicated to delivering the news that technology buyers want, with the expertise and perspective buyers need."

The IDG News Service

The IDG News Service produces original, locally written editorial content for IDG's publications to access 24 hours a day. The News Service delivers more than 100 articles per day and averages more than 28,000 article annually. IDG journalists can log into the internal news wire and download the local content they need to produce timely articles in IDG's 300 publications worldwide.

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