IDG Provides Unbiased Insight and Information On The Benefits Of Webservices

BOSTON, MA – MAY 13, 2002 – Are Web services the cure for virtually every IT ill? What exactly are Web services and what can they do for your organization? What are the most over-hyped arguments and where do the hidden opportunities lie? International Data Group (IDG), the world’s leading technology media company, has developed a comprehensive suite of information resources to address these challenging questions on Web services — a market IDC forecasts will reach $19 billion in the U.S. by 2007.

IDG’s business units including, InfoWorld, Network World, IDC and others lead in providing technology professionals with valuable information on products and services for the Web services market. While it’s not a new concept, Web services is a new approach to an old problem — that of enabling disparate applications to talk to one another. To help those who make Web services purchasing decisions, IDG offers a wide range of resources from research reports and feature articles, to webcasts and events.

"As IDC predicts total software, services and hardware opportunities derived from Web services will reach $19 billion in the U.S. by 2007 and the multi-billion dollar market for services firms opens up over the next decade, a critical need for information is created," said Kelly Conlin, president and CEO of IDG. "IDG’s collective power across all business units fills this gap by providing more comprehensive information about Web services than any other technology media company."

Innovative On-Demand Webcasts, the leader in developing customized on-demand broadband interactive webcasts, recently announced a new webcast "Next Business Model of the Internet," available on demand at The webcast will explore the major issues related to preparing an organization and IT infrastructure for a Web services transition and how Web services enables organizations to share core competencies with other businesses.

In addition, "Pay No Attention to that Man Behind the Curtain: What the Hype-Meisters of Web Services Aren’t Telling You," is available on demand at This custom-developed webcast explores the over-hyped controversies and the hidden opportunities of Web services helping IT professionals understand what they should, and should not be doing to help organizations benefit from Web services.

IDC’s Ground-Breaking Market Intelligence

Global IT market research and advisory firm IDC provides ongoing analysis of Web services through a variety of research and consulting products and services delivered by experts from around the world.

IDC’s Web Services Total Opportunity Model is the first dynamic behavioral simulation model that relates timely benefit and cost information from real adopters to the total Web services IT opportunity — in hardware, software and services. This model shows how these IT disciplines synergize with each other as the opportunity develops. The simulation model relates Web services projects to the ability of IT staff, both internal and external, to implement the projects in the required time. For more information on IDC’s proprietary model, please visit

IDC also offers a complimentary Web services report titled, "Web Services: Adoption Timeline and Related Business Opportunities." In this report, IDC addresses the hype of Web services and its impact on the IT and telecommunications industries. IDC also defines a core Web services architecture, and discusses how it will affect the different facets of the two converging industries. To download the report, please visit

For additional information, IDC recently sponsored a telebriefing titled "Web Services: Keeping it Real," which is archived at The telebriefing addresses questions such as: How large is the total opportunity for Web services spending across IT and communications markets? How will Web services impact software and services markets as well as e-business initiatives?

Highly Targeted Conferences and Events

IDG has also planned several engaging conferences and events targeted at senior level technology professionals that address the latest trends and technology in Web services. IDC is planning a one-day Web services event, "Making Money with Web Services: From Development to Deployment," to be held during the fall of 2002 in Silicon Valley. For more information, please contact

Due to the success of its first "Next Generation Web Services" conference — the first and only conference to tackle both the technology and business issues surrounding Web services — InfoWorld expanded its event schedule to include "Next Generation Web Services II" to be held September 18-20, 2002 in San Francisco. Under InfoWorld Editor in Chief Michael Vizard’s leadership, conference consists of keynotes, interactive panel discussions, round table workgroups and exhibition time. Topics of Web Services II will include: enterprise application vendors rise to the challenge, cross application business process integration, collaborative applications born of web services and understanding web services management. To register for this conference, please visit

In addition to covering Web services extensively in print, Network World also included Web services as one of the major topics of the "Buzz 2002: Inside Advanced Web Technologies" tour to be held in September 2002. To find out more about these events, please visit