IDG Provides Unsurpassed Acces To Highest Quality Technology Audiences

BOSTON, MA – JANUARY 17, 2001 – A new global online study on Internet usage shows that the web sites of International Data Group (IDG), the world’s leading IT media and information services company, provide technology advertisers access to the highest quality audience of IT buyers in the world. Conducted by Pro Active International, the study, entitled The Internet Monitor, is the first global online survey of its kind, providing qualitative and quantitative insight about online usage and trends among Internet users around the world.


The Internet Monitor survey results provide important trend information about online audiences including demographics, psychographics, Internet behavior and e-commerce behavior. More than 400,000 respondents participated in the study, representing the largest global online audience ever surveyed for information relating to online behavior, e-commerce behavior and the attitudes toward online advertising (effectiveness of web sites for advertising and e-commerce initiatives). The results show that IDG’s online audiences have greater spending power and wield more influence in purchase decisions than other sites’ audiences surveyed for this study. Furthermore, the survey also shows that the main motivation for visits to computer-related sites is the content and advertising from computer publications, a strong endorsement of IDG's strategy of offering integrated marketing programs that leverage both print and online advertising.

"IDG has a 37 year history of reaching the highest quality technology buyers with the most trusted information," said Kelly Conlin, IDG's president and CEO. "This latest research shows that this leadership extends to IDG's online sites as well, sites that comprise the most comprehensive network of technology related content on the Web."

"The Internet Monitor is an excellent method of measuring site performance and customer "site-to-site" behavior," said Paul Molenaar, president of IDG's European-based Global Web Support Center. "The results of this survey give IDG’s global customers confidence that they are receiving the strongest return on their marketing investments."

IDG Audiences Represent Sweet Spot for Technology Advertisers

By specifically targeting IDG’s audiences, technology advertisers achieve the highest return on their marketing dollar by focusing their efforts on buyers who have the knowledge, and the budget, to make strategic decisions about their IT spending. According to The Internet Monitor, IDG’s audiences have greater IT budgets and plan to spend more money on technology purchases for their businesses. The mean technology budget for visitors to IDG's sites is $1 million Euros.

Integrated Marketing – a Formula for Success

This study also points out that a majority of visitors to IDG web sites have not only increased their reading of computer publications, but have relied on those publications more than any other source for determining which web sites they visit. For recent technology purchases, less than 15 percent of buyers found the supplier through Web surfing or Web searching. Eighty-five percent of buyers either knew of the company beforehand from either offline or online marketing, clearly illustrating the necessity of building integrated marketing programs.

Quality of IDG Audiences Unsurpassed

The survey also concluded that IDG’s audiences are more "technically-savvy" and rely on the Internet for a majority of their research and purchases. Over a 14 day period, IDG’s readers visited the Web an average of 10.9 days, versus general U.S. and European online audiences who spent 8.7 and 7.1 days respectively. IDG audiences spend an average of 86 minutes online per session compared to 46 and 36 for general U.S. and European audiences, respectively. Additionally, 77 percent of IDG’s readers have purchased products online, and 61 percent had Internet access prior to 1997 (compared to 30 and 26 percent of the general population in the U.S. and Europe, respectively).

Seventy percent of IDG readers intend to make a purchase online for personal use in the next 12 months – 27 percent more than general Internet audiences in the U.S., and 46 percent more than in Europe. Thirty-two percent of IDG’s audiences will buy online for business purposes – 17 percent more than general Internet audiences in the U.S., and 113 percent more than in Europe. Also, IDG audiences are more likely than general Internet users to leverage the Internet for business purposes in order to e-mail, search for specific information, read news, download information, ask for information or quotes, share documents, work from home, purchase products or services, and conduct competitive analysis.

About The Internet Monitor

Pro Active International's The Internet Monitor ™provides important trend information on demographics, psychographics, Internet behavior, media behavior, e-commerce behavior, behavior and attitude toward online advertising, and user attitude on current subjects. The monitor consists of an online survey among Internet users, a telephone survey and face-to-face interviews among a representative sample of people living in the selected countries. The research design using the combination of three research methods was developed by Pro Active International, including proprietary weighting procedures and analysis, in order to generate the most reliable data on Internet users.

Pro Active International created this ground breaking study in alliance with major Internet companies including AltaVista, RealMedia, Yahoo!, MSN, 24/7 Media, Excite, Ad Pepper, DoubleClick, Active Advertising,!!! France Telecom, CNN and IDG. This alliance enabled Pro Active International to gain access to specific audiences in order to query their usage and online habits. For more information on Pro Active International, visit their website at

About International Data Group

Headquartered in Boston, International Data Group (IDG) informs more people worldwide about information technology than any other company in the world. With annual revenues of $3.1 billion, IDG is the leading global provider of IT media, research, conferences and events. IDG publishes more than 300 newspapers and magazines and 4,000 book titles in 80 countries, led by the Computerworld/InfoWorld, Macworld, Network World, PC World, CIO, and For Dummies® global product lines. IDG offers online users the largest network of technology-specific sites around the world through (, which comprises more than 270 targeted websites in 70 countries. IDG is also a leading producer of 168 computer-related events in 35 countries, and research arm International Data Corporation (IDC) provides computer industry research and analysis through 51 offices in 43 countries worldwide. IDG was recently named by FORTUNE Magazine as one of America’s 100 Best Places to Work. Company information is available at

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