IDG Teams With Microsoft For Developer Days 1998

Boston, MA (August 5, 1998) — International Data Group (IDG), the world's leading information technology (IT) media, research and exposition company, today announced that it will partner with Microsoft as part of Microsoft Developer Days 1998. The one-day event, which is expected to attract more than 75,000 developers in 100 cities around the world, will inform and educate software developers on the latest tools for building business solutions.

Microsoft Developer Days 1998, scheduled for September 2, will focus on educating and supporting the thousands of software developers on Windows NT 5.0, Visual Tools and Internet technologies. Updates on other platforms and tools will also be presented. Now in its fifth year, Microsoft Developer Days has grown to become the biggest developer event in the IT industry.

"Developer Days 98 is a worldwide event reaching thousands of developers. In order to reach our audiences in 51 countries and 120 different cities," said Paul Gross, vice president, Developer Tools division, of Microsoft Corporation, "we needed to partner with a media company that had the understanding of how to reach developers. IDG is an ideal publishing partner for this global event."

IDG's global reach is unrivaled in IT publishing, and encompasses more than 290 computer newspapers and magazines in 75 countries. IDG also offers online users the largest network of technology-specific sites around the world through (, a network of 225 targeted Web sites in 55 countries.

"It is an honor for IDG to be chosen as Microsoft's partner for this premier industry event," said Steve Fricke, director of national accounts at IDG Marketing Services. "Microsoft and IDG make a great team — one that's ideally suited to bring trusted information on the latest tools and applications for building new software solutions to developers around the world."

IDG and Microsoft will execute an integrated co-marketing Developer Days program consisting of a 24-page advertorial and display advertising in the domestic and local international editions of Computerworld, PC World,InfoWorld, Network World, and Solutions Integrator, among other IDG publications. Web advertising, direct mail and a public relations campaign will also be part of the program.

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