IDG Unveils CSO Magazine

FRAMINGHAM, MA – AUGUST 27, 2002 – International Data Group (IDG), the world's leading technology media company, today unveils a preview of CSO magazine's September launch issue. With more than 35 pages of paid advertising (76 page folio including covers), the new security-focused publication targets chief security officers (CSOs) and other top security executives.


"CSO magazine will serve as a compass to security executives and business leaders who today face information and physical security threats unprecedented in our history," says Joe Levy, CEO and President of CXO Media Inc., the IDG subsidiary that publishes CSO and CIO magazines. "The magazine's goal is to underscore the need for dedicated security personnel, build a high-level community of trust among the growing ranks of CSOs and share the tools and techniques they need to make smart decisions and wise investments."

The monthly CSO magazine has a carefully targeted, controlled circulation of 25,000 CSOs, chief information security officers (CISOs) and other executives who are responsible for directing security strategy and purchasing at their companies. More than 60 percent of subscribers work in large organizations (1,000+ employees). In addition to the magazine, the CSO product line includes (launched in April 2002), custom publishing vehicles, the CXO Media Executive Policy ForumTM series for government and industry networking, and other CSO face-to-face events, currently in development.

According to Lew McCreary, Editor in Chief of CSO magazine, "While security's emergence on the main stage is relatively new, it has been a critical hot-button issue for corporate executives for some time. CSO will provide security executives with a long-overdue resource and forum for sharing emerging practices and lessons learned."


CSO magazine's premiere issue, produced under the leadership team of McCreary and Executive Editor Derek Slater, focuses on the convergence of physical and digital security. The inaugural issue also highlights the physical security measures every business should take:

"Come Together" by Simone Kaplan:

CSO magazine reports the growing debate surrounding the convergence of physical and digital security. According to reporting, combining the two functions often results in significant benefits, including cost savings gleaned from combined budgets, consolidation of overlapping roles, unified resource management and an overall improved integrated security strategy. A few naysayers claim the roles should remain separate because they entail different skill sets. Interestingly, President Bush's recently proposed National Strategy for Homeland Security also combines physical and technical security, calling for measures such as integrating all first responders on the same communications network.

In "Blueprints for Success," a regular monthly feature, the premiere issue lists tips for improving physical security:

1. Control vehicle proximity to office building;

2. Move air grilles from street level to roof to help protect the building's air supply from chemical and biological agents;

3. Strengthen columns and floor slabs so that the building maintains its structural integrity;

4. Work with architects to create fireproofing that can withstand intense fire for longer periods of time;

5. Use laminated glass on the exterior of the building to protect personnel on the inside.


CSO charter advertisers run the gamut from industry giants IBM and Symantec to nonprofit organizations including the International Information Systems Security Certifications Consortium (ISC2) and niche security providers Cyberguard and Sypris Electronics (formerly Group Technologies). Charter advertisers also include BMC Software, LG Electonics, LJ Kuschner, Okena, Ncipher, NetIQ, Netscreen, Pentasafe and Tipping Point.

According to CSO publisher Bob Bragdon, "Despite the economic slowdown, security continues to be a significant point of focus and investment for today's businesses. Companies simply can't afford to wait for a market rebound to fortify their enterprise. Businesses must address the myriad of security threats today and CSO magazine's enthusiastic reception, by both security professionals and advertisers, is testament to that.

Advertising rates are $7,900 for a full black & white; $10,800 for four-color. In addition to CSO magazine's controlled circulation, annual charter paid subscriptions are available at $64.95 for 12 issues. The magazine's cover price is $6.95. The publication is oversized and saddle-stitched. On average, each issue will be 68 pages including covers, with a target 50/50-ad/edit ratio. CSO's coated cover stock with a trim size of 8-3/4" x 10-7/8" is comparable to that of its sister publication, CIO magazine.

About CXO Media Inc.

In addition to CSO magazine, CXO Media publishes CIO magazine (launched in 1987),, The CIO Insider and CXO Media serves CIOs, CSOs, CEOs, CFOs, COOs and other corporate officers who use technology to thrive and prosper in this new era of business. The company strives to enhance partnerships among C-level executives, as well as create opportunities for information technology (IT) and consumer marketers to reach them. In addition to magazines and websites, CXO Media produces Executive Programs, a series of conferences that provide educational and networking opportunities for corporate and government leaders.

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