IDG Wins 36 Awards at 2003 American Society of Business Publications Editors’ National Awards Ceremony

BOSTON, MA – JUNE 20, 2003 – International Data Group (IDG), the world's leading technology media company, today announced it captured 36 national awards at the American Society of Business Publication Editors' (ASBPE) National Awards Ceremony held last night in Washington, DC.

This year, IDG's CIO and CSO received "honorable mentions" for Magazine of the Year. In addition, IDG's Bio-IT World, Computerworld, Macworld, InfoWorld, PC World, CSO and CIO captured a total of 36 awards, more than any other technology publisher this year. Overall IDG properties dominated the ASBPE Awards, winning more than 75 regional and national awards.

IDG publications were honored by ASBPE in the following national categories:


Gold: Bio-IT World, Front Cover News Tabloid (less than 80,000), Mark Gabrenya, October 2002

Gold: CSO, New Publication Design, September 2002

Gold: Macworld, Publication Redesign, April 2002

Gold: Computerworld, Front Cover News Tabloid (more than 80,000): "XML Goes to Washington," Julie D'Errico, October 7, 2002

Gold: Computerworld, Information Graphics, Issue 27, Computerworld Design Team, July 1, 2002

Silver: Bio-IT World, Front Cover News Tabloid (less than 80,000), Mark Gabrenya, August 2002

Silver: Bio-IT World, Opening Page or Spread – "Clinical Trial Data Management: Tortured By Paper" (August 2002), Mark Gabrenya

Silver: CIO, Overall Typography, August 2002

Silver: CSO, Contents Page, October 2002

Silver: CSO, Overall Typography, September, October 2002

Silver: Computerworld, Front Cover News Tabloid (more than 80,000): "Luck of the Draw," Stephanie Faucher, October 28, 2002

Bronze: Computerworld, Front Cover News Tabloid (more than 80,000): "A New Vigilance," Julie D'Errico, September 9, 2002

Bronze: Macworld, Feature Article Design: "Tame Jaguar," November 2002

Bronze: CIO, Opening Page: "KM the Right Way," July 15, 2002

Bronze: PC World, Front Cover Computer Generated: "The Ultimate How-To Guide," June 2002

Bronze: InfoWorld, Information Graphics, February 2002


Gold: Bio-IT World, Feature Series – "Pharmacogenomics" (September, October 2002), Malorye Branca

Gold: CIO, Feature Article: "The Meter is Running," by Scott Berinato, January 15, 2002

Gold: Macworld, Special Supplement: "Total OS X," Spring 2002

• Gold: Computerworld, News Article: "Microsoft Deals as Fiscal Year Closes," Carol Sliwa, Don Tennant and Julie D'Errico, June 24, 2002

Silver: CIO, Case History: "Can American Keep Flying," by Todd Datz, November 1, 2002

Silver: CSO, Individual Profile: "The Human Touch," by Sarah D. Scalet, September 2002

Silver: PC World, Regular Column Contributed, "Consumer Watch," Edward Albro, September, October 2002

Bronze: CIO, Technical Article: "The ROI of Security," by Scott Berinato, February 15, 2002

Bronze: CIO, Special Section: "State of the CIO," March 1, 2002

Bronze: Computerworld, Signed Editorial: "Uncle Sam Wants You" and "The Big Secret," Patricia Keefe, September 2, 2002 and May 13, 2002

Bronze: Computerworld, Regular Column Contributed: "Proxy Server Serves to Block Porn-Surfing Slackers," and "Virus Attacks Can Enter Through Many Doors," Mathias Thurman, Robert Mitchell, Tommy Peterson and Julie Bronze: Computerworld, News Article: "Wireless LANS: Trouble in the Air," Bob Brewin, Dan Verton and Jennifer DiSabatino, January 14, 2002


Gold: CIO, Interactive Community-Best Practice Exchange

Gold:, New Web Publication

Gold: Computerworld, Original Web News Section, November 18, 2002

Gold: PC World, Original Web Database: "Product Finder"

Silver:, Overall Web Publication

Silver: InfoWorld, Original Web Commentary

Bronze:, Overall Web Publication

Bronze: CSO, Overall Web Commentary: "The Homeland Brand," by Scott Berinato, August 29, 2002

Founded in 1964, the ASBPE is the only professional association in the United States exclusively for full-time and freelance editors and writers employed in business, professional, association and trade magazines, and their associated websites. The organization received 2,256 submissions for this year's Excellence Awards, the second largest number of entries ever for this competition. The contest is the largest and most competitive awards program honoring the hard work and commitment to excellence by trade publication editors and graphic designers. Earlier this month, IDG publications were honored regionally at Eastern and Western awards ceremonies.

About International Data Group (IDG)

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