IDG World Expo Continues String of Successful Events with Launch of ASPWorld Conference & Expo

FRAMINGHAM, MA – JULY 26, 2000 – IDG World Expo, a business unit of IDG, the world's leading IT media, research and exposition company, is poised to add another great success to its string of recent conference and expo launches. ASPWorld Conference & Expo, set for Oct. 3 to 6, 2000, in San Jose, Calif., will join LinuxWorld Conference & Expo and Windows 2000 Conference & Expo, along with other IDG conferences and expos, as a best-in-class event.

"We made a strategic decision 21 months ago to buck the current event trend of high-cost show acquisitions and the ‘just get revenues’ mentality," said Charlie Greco, president and chief executive officer, IDG World Expo. "Instead, we identified long-term market needs and built from the ground up to support long-term, organic growth. This approach, coupled with the traditional dedication to providing useful information and a commitment to customer service continues to position us as leaders."

In keeping with the IDG World Expo proven strategy – providing vertical, focused platforms for stimulating, creative and original thought, ASPWorld Conference & Expo guarantees a host of resources and educational opportunities related to the Application Service Provider (ASP) industry. This event will deliver the insight and guidance needed by corporate executives and decision-makers to assess the ASP market and will enable attendees to take advantage of the exploding opportunities presented for businesses by the ASP market.

ASPWorld Conference & Expo is specifically designed to meet the knowledge needs of an exploding marketplace. The network-hosted applications market is in its infancy, so IT decision-makers need to be careful about what selections are made. With market analysts predicting that worldwide spending on ASP services will reach upwards of $4 billion by 2003, business decision-makers are in need of solid information to ensure their companies do not compromise their IT infrastructures.

IDC’s ASP Buyer Awareness research clearly indicates the need for ASPWorld Conference & Expo and its top-notch end-user education program. IDC's data indicates that 57 percent of business/IT professionals have little-to-no knowledge of what the best outsourcing options are for their businesses. An additional 30 percent have only some knowledge, while only 13 percent have a detailed knowledge of the options available to them for outsourcing. ASPWorld Conference & Expo's education program promises that end users will be educated and be presented with all the outsourcing options available to them.

LinuxWorld and Windows 2000 set the stage for sustained IDG World Expo success by bringing in approximately 15,000-20,000 attendees and more than 150 exhibitors at the premier of each event, well exceeding IDG World Expo’s goals. The goal for ASPWorld Conference & Expo in San Jose is approximately 7,000 attendees and more than 100 exhibitors. "We are currently on track to substantially exceed those numbers," said Rob Scheschareg, vice president, IDG World Expo.

Part of IDG World Expo’s success has been achieved by delivering non-traditional products and services to its show attendees and exhibitors. While venture capitalists do not usually attend technology shows, IDG World Expo has implemented marketing and educational programs designed to increase VC attendance at ASPWorld Conference & Expo. This will prove beneficial to exhibitors and attendees, as well as VC's who will be able to get a "first look" at many of the players in the marketspace.

Greco attributes the genesis of its innovative concepts to each show’s Advisory Board. "We have always sought external input on our programs by recruiting industry thought leaders and experts. The strategy is to gain insights into educational and market needs, thus ensuring a quality driven program for attendees and exhibitors alike," said Greco.

ASPWorld Conference & Expo promises to provide information, insights and networking opportunities needed by technology industry experts to succeed in a world running on Internet time. Attendees will have access to studies, reports and other information developed by its Board of Advisors, and event sponsors that are not available to those that are unable to attend.

In addition to its external focus on education and customer service, IDG World Expo continues to realize success through aggressive internal management of its growth. Through this growth IDG World Expo can focus on establishing and launching additional IT events that address market needs. Key to the approach is maintaining high value for its employees. "Often, growth leads to a lack of focus on the mission and values of a company. We are willing to do what it takes to find and retain the right employees who believe in our mission and where we, as a company, are going, " said Greco.

According to Greco, there are four keys to managing growth:

1. Seek new ways to leverage the core strengths of the company.

2. Hire the best and the brightest.

3. Satisfy real, long-term market needs.

4. Place value on customer satisfaction above all else.

As the overall IT market continues to refocus and correct itself, Greco predicts similar activity in the technology event market. "Consolidation will continue as independent shows and smaller event management companies are gobbled up by their bigger brethren," said Greco. "Smaller, less successful shows will be dropped, if only because there aren’t enough top-shelf venues. IDG World Expo will continue to buck the trend by leveraging the long-term market need for vertically focused events. People need specific information to help make sound business decisions – we are in the business of providing that information, even if it takes a couple of years to turn revenues into profits."

"If our past tells us anything, it's that our model works. ASPWorld Conference & Expo is sure to be a great success for our attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and us," concluded Greco.

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ASPWorld Conference & Expo ( is the premier application service provider (ASP) event for IT decision-makers from small companies to global enterprises. As the leader in ASP conferences and expositions, ASPWorld Conference & Expo is solely focused on providing the information and resources business decision-makers need to explore and implement ASP outsourcing for their organizations. ASPWorld Conference & Expo is part of the IDG World Expo family.

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