IDG’s Bio-IT World Celebrates 50th Anniversary of The Double Helix

FRAMINGHAM, MA – APRIL 17, 2003 – Marking the 50th anniversary of the publication of the double helix structure of DNA, and the genomic revolution it inspired, Bio-IT World magazine’s April issue features an in-depth special report by Senior Editor Malorye Branca entitled “Beyond the Blueprint: Crossing the Next Biological Frontier,” which chronicles the progress of genomic research since James Watson and Francis Crick’s historic discovery. The landmark April issue also includes several other special features by Bio-IT World’s award-winning editorial team that focus on the state of genome science, and the future of DNA research.


“This issue marks several historic milestones in the evolution of genomic research. Not only is April the golden anniversary of the publication of the double helix in Nature, but it is also the month that the international Human Genome Project completed the sequencing of the human genome,” said Dr. Kevin Davies, editor in chief, Bio-IT World. “We are excited to celebrate these achievements, both past and present, with a wonderful interview with Nobel Laureate James Watson, and thought-provoking insights from renowned experts on the future of genome science.”

Bio-IT World April Issue Highlights

While Watson and Crick built the first model of the DNA double helix in February 1953, their findings were first published in the journal Nature just two months later on April 25. Commemorating that publication, Bio-IT World launched a special online series entitled “50/50: Reflections on the Double Helix,” updated daily throughout April and available at Senior Editor Malorye Branca conducted interviews with 50 scientists and other luminaries in the world of genomics and biomedicine, and captured their insights and predictions about the state of genome science and biomedical research. Excerpts from interviews with industry leaders including Eric Lander, director, Whitehead Institute Center for Genome Research; Bill Haseltine, chairman and CEO, Human Genome Sciences; George Poste, CEO, Health Technology Networks, and chairman, Orchid Biosciences; Janet Thornton, professor of biomolecular structure, University College, London; and Allen Roses, senior vice president, GlaxoSmithKline, are featured in the April print edition of Bio-IT World.

Branca’s comprehensive eight-page report, “Beyond the Blueprint,” examines the genome revolution and the technologies that will mark the next decade of gene research, including microarrays and RNAi. To complete this feature, Branca interviewed experts from around the world about what they view as the major developments since the first draft sequence’s release, while capturing their predictions on future milestones, and highlighting intriguing results that many of their research projects are already generating.

Bio-IT World’s commemorative April issue also includes an exclusive interview with James D. Watson, co-discoverer of the double helix, by Editor in Chief Kevin Davies; “Debating DNA in Monterey,” an in-depth report by Senior Editor Mark Uehling based on the TIME magazine conference, “The Future of Life,” that featured life science and technology celebrities such as Leroy Hood, Ray Kurzweil, Richard Dawkins, and E.O. Wilson; and a special “First Base” editorial looking back at the lasting impact of the discovery of the double helix; and on a lighter note, a review of Genoma Music, a CD of music inspired by the DNA sequences of real genes (in which each letter is assigned a note on the musical scale).

Special Report: Resolving Bottlenecks II

The second installment of Bio-IT World’s special series on resolving bottlenecks in life science research is entitled, “Target Elimination.” This report in the April issue examines the technologies and processes being utilized in laboratory environments to help cut through the deluge of biological targets, efficiently identify the most promising candidates to move into clinical trials, and speed the drug development pipeline. The article analyzes techniques such as digital ADME profiling, and highlights companies including MDL Information Systems, Libraria, and GeneTrove that are helping cut through target elimination bottlenecks, including the analysis of vast digital libraries of chemical structures. This special report series concludes next month with Part III, bottlenecks in clinical trials.

Strategic Insights Series

Bio-IT World’s Strategic Insights Series continues in April with a focus on the issues surrounding 21 CFR Part 11 compliance – the federal laws governing the authenticity, integrity, confidentiality and archiving of electronic records. The special section also looks at the tactical implementation of systems that are not merely compliant, but that also help users achieve competitive advantage through increased efficiencies.

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