IDG’s CIO Magazine Explores Time Of Great Challenge for Corporate CIOs Annual State of the CIO Issue Examines the CEO Point-Of-View on Information Technology and Where Those Views Align With and Differ From CIOs

FRAMINGHAM, MA – OCTOBER 1, 2004 – In its October 1 issue, CIO magazine's award-winning editors probe the challenging and rapidly changing nature of information technology (IT) management. The issue examines critical management areas and reports on solutions to the challenges today's chief information officers (CIOs) face. The magazine also delves into the CEO point-of-view on information technology and how their views align and differ from CIOs.

"This year's State of the CIO issue shows the pressure and challenges that CIOs face are stronger than ever," says Abbie Lundberg, editor-in-chief, CIO magazine. "Information technology is ingrained in just about everything a business does and is therefore critically important. At the same time, its costs are very high, as are its risks if it's not managed well. What seems to be happening is that two types of organizational philosophies regarding IT are emerging. In one, IT is seen as a strategic tool to be utilized to help the entire organization achieve results that lead to competitive advantage-and its costs and risks are managed to that end. This is a tough job-you need a very accomplished and well-positioned CIO to pull it off. But in companies whose executives don't understand or value what technology can do for their businesses, IT is regarded only as a cost to be driven as low as possible-end of story. The gap between these two types of organizations is growing, and those who manage IT wisely and use it for competitive gain will be the organizations that thrive over the next few years."

Dedicated in its entirety to the current condition of IT, those who rule this domain, and those who influence it, the State of the CIO issue features stories threaded with proprietary data from the magazine's third annual State of the CIO Survey. Conducted among more than 500 corporate level CIOs and select CEOs, the survey reveals the changing nature of IT management.

Editorial highlights from the issue include:

CIO and CEO: How to Work with Your Boss

CIOs and CEOs share a number of the same priorities yet they differ on the best means of implementing them. Senior Writer Meridith Levinson explores the dynamics of the relationship and what it holds for the future role of the CIO. The article reveals most CIOs see themselves as full partners in the business and consider their roles to be strategic. However, many of their actions tend to be more tactical and this fuels the perception among CEOs that the proper role of IT is to be more supportive than strategic or innovative. The research finds CIOs can successfully correct this misperception by managing those tactical issues and then by devising creative strategies where IT can help the organization leapfrog the competition and expand the business.

Cost-Cutting vs. Innovation: Reconcilable Differences

After being forced to cut costs for the past three years, CIOs have fully realized that cost containment is a top priority. The catch, according to Senior Writer Ben Worthen, is CEOs are now looking to IT to more closely align with the rest of the business and to provide a competitive advantage. Only 30% of CEOs say that controlling IT costs is what they are looking for. In this feature, Worthen dissects this central contradiction and reports it is one that drives CIOs crazy. Today, CIOs are forced to serve two masters. They need to control costs in order to placate the COO and the CFO while, on the other hand, they need to invest in IT projects that will give the company the strategic advantage the CEO is seeking. The article concludes that it falls to the CIO to effectively balance these two conflicting goals without failing to meet the expectations of either side.

The No. 1 Challenge: Meeting Expectations

CIOs report that "unrealistic or unknown expectations from business" represent the greatest challenge to doing their jobs effectively, according to Writer Thomas Wailgum. Proactively managing expectations is identified as being critical to the success of the CIO as it ultimately leads to better corporate governance, better alignment with business strategy as well as better project management. In the No. 1 Challenge, CIOs say they have more success meeting expectations if they get their own IT house in order first. In addition, the article explains that CIOs need to pay close attention when business managers discuss their goals and needs and educate business leaders about the costs of IT and the need to get IT on CEOs' strategy-setting agendas.

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