IDG’s Computerworld Achieves 200,000 Circulation Goal, Reaches for 250,000 by June 1999

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. (January 11, 1999) — As part of its aggressive circulation initiative, Computerworld, the Newspaper for IT Leaders, has added in excess of 30,000 carefully selected non-paid subscribers to its paid circulation base of 170,000, bringing the publication’s total circulation to 200,000-plus with the January 11 issue. By June 1999, the publication expects total circulation to reach 250,000, an increase of 63% in just 18 months.

Computerworld is maintaining strict qualification criteria to ensure the highest possible buying demographics among new subscribers. Each IT Leader who has qualified for Computerworld’s charter courtesy subsciption offer has verified personal purchasing authority for $100,000 or more worth of IT hardware, software, or services per year. Among Computerworld’s competititors, the highest dollar-figure purchasing qualifier is $25,000 per year.

According to Computerworld, Inc. President and CEO Jim Martin, the growth strategy reflects a demand from advertisers for greater penetration of top IT sites, the customer’s appetite for even more specific customer profiles and buying power data, as well as an internal need for more precise reader information that will allow the publication to more quickly launch product extensions that target IT Leaders.

“The publication is marketing professional courtesy subscriptions only to those individuals with the highest level of involvement in the buying process as well as those with the highest buying power at the most significant technology-rich business sites in the country,” Martin said. “By focusing on the 20 percent of the market that makes 80 percent of all technology buying decisions, we won’t need to deliver the highest rate base in our market segment because we will deliver the most qualified subscribers in the market. Our goal is not to deliver box-car circulation numbers, but to deliver box-car technology budgets.

“Our efforts will help establish a new level of credibility with advertising customers by not trying to be all things to all people. Our strict qualification process will eliminate tire kickers with no technology budgets and low-level technical support staff, allowing us to deliver high volume buyers of enterprise-level IT products and services. We will deliver the one significant technology buying segment that we can own: IT Leaders.”

According to Eric Schmierer, Computerworld’s vice president/strategic circulation operations, new readers will be captured through very targeted direct mail and sophisticated telephone recruitment methods. “We will meet the most rigid standards of the circulation auditing process and will work to actually increase the buying qualification standards over time,” he promised.

Ultimately, the combined efforts of Computerworld’s Circulation Department and its IT Intelligence Unit will benefit the entire company. The plan is to combine the database derived from circulation development activities with the IT Intelligence Unit’s Technology Buyers Database into a single, company-wide resource covering the most influential buyers and sites in the country.”

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