IDG’s Computerworld the Most Read Enterprise IT Publication

FRAMINGHAM, MA – NOVEMBER 9, 2006 – Computerworld today announced that it continues to be the most widely read enterprise IT publication according to IntelliQuest, reaching 1,252,000 readers with every issue – 323,000 more readers than InformationWeek and 643,000 more readers than eWeek. The November release is the second IntelliQuest CIMS survey of 2006. The Spring study also showed Computerworld to be first in the category. The most recent No. 1 rating marks six straight years that IntelliQuest has consistently shown Computerworld to be the most read enterprise IT publication.

"In an age when everyone knows that 'number of subscribers' doesn't necessarily translate into 'number of readers,' IntelliQuest continues to be the best way to compare our readership with that of other publications in our category," said Matt Sweeney, president, publisher and CEO of Computerworld. "We're thrilled that every time this study comes out it shows that the Computerworld brand is the most trusted, and relied-upon brand in the IT industry."

The CIMS study showed that in addition to reaching more business influencers than any other enterprise IT publication, Computerworld continues to reach the most engaged readers. Mirroring past findings, the IntelliQuest CIMS survey shows that Computerworld outshines its competitors in reaching readers who read deeper into each issue (75% or more of a single issue), readers who read more of the issues they receive (At least 3 out of 4 issues) and readers who read ads very or extremely closely:

— Readers who read 75% or more of the publication:

Computerworld: 474,000

InformationWeek: 362,000

eWeek: 292,000

— Readers 3 or 4 out of 4 issues of the publication:

Computerworld: 514,000

InformationWeek: 482,000

eWeek: 399,000

— Readers who read ads very or extremely closely:

Computerworld: 484,000

InformationWeek: 328,000

eWeek: 234,000

This CIMS study also reaffirms Computerworld's place at the top in terms of reaching its core target audience of IT management and influencers in midsize to large organizations.

Sweeney went on to say, "The bottom line is that for every subscriber that an advertiser pays to reach in Computerworld, the advertiser is reaching an additional six influencers at no additional investment, making Computerworld the most cost-efficient ad buy in the business."

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