IDG’S CXO Media Launches New Professional Organization For Chief Information Officers

FRAMINGHAM, MA – APRIL 27, 2004 – IDG’s CXO Media, publisher of CIO and CSO magazines, today announces the launch of the CIO Executive Council, a new professional organization for chief information officers (CIOs). With 125 charter members, the Council gives CIOs a united voice on technology matters impacting their companies and society. Representing leading U.S. and international companies and a multitude of industries, members are driven by their collective strength to pursue change within their organizations and within key industry, academic, media and governmental groups.

“Technology is at the core of an organization’s success and growth, providing CIOs with innumerable challenges, responsibilities and opportunities,” says Mark Hall, General Manager of the CIO Executive Council, and CIO of CXO Media. “Until now, CIOs lacked a day-to-day resource and community for facing these challenges. With the Council, they have a place to come together and share their knowledge, concerns and ideas, as well as a way to publicly voice opinions and influence positive change.”

The concept for the CIO Executive Council originated with the CIO Best Practice Exchange. Launched in spring 2001, the CIO Best Practice Exchange was the first members-only forum for CIOs to share ideas about pressing IT and business issues. In fall 2002, the Exchange became was further developed into a fee-based service.

“The online dialogue in the Exchange was a crucial step in exploring CIOs’ burning issues and ultimately, identifying the need for a full-service membership organization,” says Martha Heller, Director of the CIO Executive Council and former Director of the Exchange. “While the online knowledge exchange proved to be immensely helpful to CIOs, they were also looking for a conduit to put their ideas into action.”

Hall, who is responsible for the strategic direction of the organization, and Heller, who handles content development, service and recruitment, are supported by a Council Board of Advisors. A distinguished and experienced group of top technology executives, the Council’s Board of Advisors includes:

• Jackie Barretta, CIO Con-Way Transportation Services;

• Dave Clarke, VP and CTO, American Red Cross;

• Roger Coville, CIO, Abercrombie & Fitch;

• John Puckett, CTO, DuPont;

• Rick Schlitt, SVP of IT, USAA;

• Bette Walker, VP and CIO, Delphi Corporation;

• Stephen Warren, CIO, Federal Trade Commission;

• Bill Wray, EVP and CIO, Citizens Bank;

• Hank Zupnick, CIO, GE Real Estate.

The Council is also supported by a steering committee of CXO Media’s top industry experts, an external relations director and a dedicated team of program managers, administrators, contributing editors and research experts. The steering committee includes:

• Walter Manninen, President and CEO, CXO Media;

• Gary Beach, Group Publisher, CXO Media;

• Abbie Lundberg, Editor in Chief, CIO magazine;

• Jennifer Richards, Senior Vice President, Executive Programs, CXO Media;

• Cathy O’Leary Hayes, Executive Vice President, Marketing, CXO Media;

• Susan Watson, Vice President of News & Information, CXO Media.

With guidance from the board and steering committee, development of the Council’s structure and concept, as well as preliminary member recruitment, began in the winter of 2004. Each council member—who must hold a CIO or equivalent title—pays an annual membership fee of $18,000 (adjusted for CIOs of nonprofit organizations). All members are provided with a dedicated program manager who serves as their liaison and ensures their time with the Council is beneficial. As the Council’s primary goal is to create necessary changes in industry, government and academia, members are encouraged to lead or participate in the Council’s initiatives and task force activities. Based on input from the board and the current pool of 125 members, the Council’s preliminary initiatives focus on IT leadership and governance, vendor relations, IT workforce and technology strategy.

Members are also granted private access to a commercial free, members-only web site, which includes a progressive online forum for dialogue and a secured database directory of Council members and staff. In addition to exchanging dialogue in the forums, members can download reports, case studies and research, send secure personal messages to one another and register for upcoming Council and CXO Media conferences.

“With CIO magazine, and the CIO conference series, CXO Media has a 17-year history and established relationship with the CIO audience,” says Manninen. “Although the Council’s initiatives are independent of the company’s events and editorial products, CXO Media’s unparalleled experience in working with CIOs makes the company uniquely well-suited to lead a professional organization geared to bringing CIOs together and sharing their collective voice with external forces.”

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