IDG’s InfoWorld Introduces New Advertising Sections

SAN MATEO, Calif. — June 19, 1995 — InfoWorld today announced it

will expand its InfoMarket advertising section to include three new areas

for companies to target buyers of their products. Two of the sections,

"" and "Internet Resources," will focus on the ever-expanding

World Wide Web and the Internet. The third section, "Training and

Support," will provide information to readers interested in keeping up with

evolving technology.

"All three of the new sections are special to us because they

address the needs and concerns of our subscribers," said Diane Templin,

InfoMarket advertising director. "The Internet is one of the hottest topics

around and it will keep growing, both in the number of users and in the number

of sites. InfoWorld is the first newsweekly to offer Web-specific advertising

sections and they couldn't be more timely."

A recent InfoWorld poll shows that nearly three-quarters (73%) of

the publication's 250,000 subscribers have access to the Internet and 84.8%

use the Internet to search for product information. "" will

provide companies with a centralized location to advertise their Web Sites

to those subscribers. Subscribers can access the sites to get information on

a particular company's latest products and services.

The same InfoWorld poll shows that, 19.7% of InfoWorld subscribers

already have World Wide Web sites established on the Internet and 29.4% plan

to establish a site within the next 18 months. Another 18.7% are unsure

whether they will establish a site or not. "Internet Resources" will help

all of these subscribers by providing them with companies who provide

services and products to set up, maintain, and administer Web Sites.

"Employee training issues are going to be critical for corporations

in the near future and our new `Training and Support' section is going to

help employees and their companies find the information sources they need,"

Templin said.

A study by the Gartner Group shows that 90% of IS professionals

will require training or retraining to do their jobs in the future.

"Training and Support" will provide an outlet for subscribers to find the

companies who are offering services or products that address the enormous

task of training and retraining. Interactive software, audio or video

tapes, books, seminars, and consultants are just a few of the types of

resources that will be available to the subscribers.

"" and "Internet Resources" debuted in the June 19,

1995 issue of InfoWorld, where they were part of the InfoWorld Special

Report, "Mastering the Web." After that, they will appear in the

InfoMarket section on a biweekly basis. "Training and Support" will debut

in the June 26, 1995 issue, and will also appear biweekly.

The three new sections will cover InfoWorld's entire circulation

base of 250,000 IS Professionals who buy enterprise products in volume.

InfoWorld subscribers represent 100% of the Fortune 500, and have an

average budget of $1.7 million.