IDG’s InfoWorld KnowledgeLink Delivers the Power of Customized Content for IT Decision Makers

SAN MATEO, CA – OCTOBER 24, 2001 – InfoWorld Media Group, the provider of in-depth analysis of enterprise technology and strategies through its integrated online, print, research and events channels, today announced the availability of InfoWorld KnowledgeLink for its online users. InfoWorld KnowledgeLink is a new product that uses XML technology and the company's content mapping strategy to produce category specific content. InfoWorld KnowledgeLink has the ability to instantly connect readers to the latest news, editorial and research covering many hot categories like Web services, wireless, storage, CRM and e-business. In addition to enriching the user experience, InfoWorld KnowledgeLink also provides an exclusive environment for sponsors to interact with InfoWorld Online's users.


"InfoWorld's award-winning editorial and research has been providing our readers – technology leaders – with the knowledge they need to make the crucial business decisions," stated Robert G. Magnuson, President and CEO of InfoWorld Media Group. "InfoWorld KnowledgeLink brings a new level of empowerment that leverages XML technology to provide our customers with an improved return on investment (ROI) of their time and resources."

InfoWorld KnowledgeLink works by instantly connecting the reader to category specific content when the user clicks on a word or phrase. Designed to provide readers with instant access to information needed for making sound business decisions, InfoWorld KnowledgeLink streamlines access to the content and research required. InfoWorld Online has 414,000 registered users and averages over 10 million page views per month. InfoWorld Online's users are senior level technology drivers with average annual IT budgets of $25 million. 76 percent of InfoWorld Online's readers visit to conduct research.(1)

"We developed InfoWorld KnowledgeLink as a powerful tool for our customers to easily connect to and learn more about the categories and trends that concern their business decisions," stated Ariff Quli, Vice President of Business Development. "InfoWorld KnowledgeLink also provides a much more dynamic forum – an opt-in environment – where sponsors can connect and interact with technology leaders researching to find the right solutions."

InfoWorld KnowledgeLink Features and Benefits

KnowledgeLink utilizes InfoWorld's content mapping strategy to provide a feature-rich experience for InfoWorld Online's users with the following enhanced features:

— Category Specific Content – by clicking on a word or phrase, users are connected to InfoWorld's award-winning editorial and news coverage

— Research Reports – category specific InfoWorld KnowledgeLink includes research available for purchase from the industry's top research firms on the latest trends and industry issues

— Content Sponsorship – InfoWorld KnowledgeLink provides advertisers the opportunity to attach creatively tailored messaging with category specific content, articles and research that offer highly targeted forums for connecting to customers

About IDG's InfoWorld Media Group

InfoWorld Media Group delivers in-depth analysis of enterprise technology and strategies combined to deliver insight into vital business solutions through its integrated online, print, research and events channels. In an era when technology is more critical to business success than ever before, InfoWorld Media Group provides senior IT level expertise for executives such as CTOs and CIOs on how technology drives specific business benefits such as revenue growth, relationship management, and enhancing organizational efficiencies.

InfoWorld Media Group's coverage of key technologies, products and trends that assist IT professionals in leveraging technology for business advantage is substantiated by original research done in InfoWorld's $23 million, dedicated multi-platform, enterprise test center. Since 1978, InfoWorld has performed the industry's most trusted testing of technology and products. To learn more about InfoWorld, go to

InfoWorld Media Group is a division of IDG, the world's leading technology media, research and event company. IDG publishes more than 300 magazines and newspapers and offers online users the largest network of technology-specific sites around the world through (, which comprises more than 300 targeted Web sites in 70 countries. IDG is also a leading producer of 168 computer-related expositions worldwide, and provides IT market analysis through 51 offices in 43 countries worldwide.

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(1) Millward Brown 2001 Online Reader Survey, Double Click (July, 2001) & Publishers Records (July 2001)