IDG’s InfoWorld Names Top Innovators Impacting IT in 2004

SAN FRANCISCO – MAY 24, 2004 – InfoWorld, a leading weekly business-to-business technology brand (, announced the recipients of its 2004 Innovators Awards, recognizing individuals whose vision and expertise are directing the future of enterprise technology. Results appear in the May 24 edition of InfoWorld and are also available online at:

"As Charles Darwin said, 'it is not the strongest of species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change,'" said Eric Knorr, InfoWorld Executive Editor at Large. "Together, win or lose, these innovators are accelerating the evolution of IT."

InfoWorld's 2004 Innovators award winners (listed by name, project, company/organization and title) include:

Dr. Dan Boneh and Dr. Matt Franklin

Identity-Based Encryption

Voltage Security

Boneh, Voltage Founder and Associate Professor, Computer Science and

Electrical Engineering, Stanford University

Franklin, Associate Professor of Computer Science, U.C. Davis.

Bill "Ches" Cheswick



Chief Scientist

Bram Cohen


Lead Developer

Micah Dubinko

XForms Development


Senior Software Engineer

Dr. Steven Hofmeyr

Primary Response

Sana Security

Founder and Chief Scientist

James Hughes

P1619, An Advanced Encryption Standard


Senior Fellow

Miguel de Icaza


Ximian (Novell)

Lead Developer

Phil Libin

Real Time Credentials (RTC) Validation Authority



Frank Martinez

Network Director

Blue Titan

CTO and Chairman

David "Dadi" Perlmutter


Intel Corporation

Vice President & General Manager, Mobile Platforms Group

Martin Roesch