IDG’s InfoWorld Publishes Special Report On Strategic Opportunities Created by Europe’s Conversion To Euro Currency

SAN MATEO, Calif. (July 13, 1998) — InfoWorld, the enterprise computing newsweekly, today announced the July 13 issue of InfoWorld will include a special report on how global companies can take advantage of the estimated $57 billion in annual savings and untold business opportunities resulting from Europe's conversion to the euro currency.

The InfoWorld special report reveals that often the most important decisions facing global companies have not yet been addressed, despite political awareness and technical analysis of the European Economic and Monetary Union's (EMU) move to the euro. Critical strategic business decisions — such as how to prepare for euro conversion in the midst of year 2000 compliance testing, whether to send invoices in euro and national currency, and when to switch operating currencies — will drive technology implementations and affect the profitability of the company.

"While much has been written about the political and economic changes on the European Union's conversion to the euro, there has not been enough attention given to the implications for global business," said Sandy Reed, editor in chief of InfoWorld. "InfoWorld is making the link between the technology and the business drivers to help enterprise customer take advantage of these changes."

InfoWorld's senior editor Lynda Radosevich teamed with Sarwar Kashmeri, president of New York financial software consulting company Niche Systems (, to convene a roundtable of euro experts from leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) and financial software companies — including PeopleSoft, Oracle, Lawson Software and FlexiInternational Software — to discuss the technical issues and business implications of the monetary union. Topics of the roundtable included: timing and competitiveness for global companies, primary customer concerns, software vendors' readiness for euro conversion, and effect on Y2K compliance efforts.

"In many ways, conversion to the euro is a more complex process than Y2K compliance efforts," said Sarwar Kashmeri, president of Niche Systems, Inc., developers of the Euro Countdown Seminar Series. "There is no one single conversion date, like Y2K. EMU will impact every part of an enterprise and may require changes to the enterprise's operating business model in Europe. Y2K is primarily an IT issue and will be dealt with by programmers."

The InfoWorld special report will include the results of the roundtable discussions held by Radosevich and Kashmeri. In addition, the special report in the Enterprise Computing section of InfoWorld will also include: A check list on how to assess euro-ready software

An example of companies finding business opportunities in the euro

A case study on how one multi-national company is simultaneously contending with euro conversion and Y2K compliance

Economists expect the EMU to exceed the US economy in size and anticipate the euro will rival the US dollar as the world's main reserve currency. Companies can save money by consolidating European fiscal operations under the euro, as opposed to operating in the national currency in 11 different countries. Total savings from eliminating currency risk when doing business in Europe, according to the estimates of one German bank, could reach $57 billion annually. Also, EMU will give global companies increased opportunity to expand their business operations in Europe, but only if they are prepared.

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