IDG’s InfoWorld Ranks Number One in Key Competitive Audience Spending Metrics; Independent IntelliQuest Research Highlights Audience Strengths

SAN FRANCISCO – Oct. 8, 2004 – IDG's InfoWorld ranked number one among its competitive set for the percentage of readers who plan to spend the most on technology products and services in the coming year, according to an independent study.

The IntelliQuest CIMS Business Study 2004, released Wednesday, shows that InfoWorld readers are more likely than readers of either InformationWeek or eWeek to spend $25,000+, $50,000+, $100,000+, $250,000+, or $1 Million+ over the next 12 months.

In addition, the InfoWorld audience is more likely than eWeek's or InformationWeek's to be involved in approving the purchase of key product categories including servers, network/telecom equipment, software, printers/peripherals, workstations/desktop PCs, notebooks/tablet PCs, and handheld devices.

"The latest edition of IntelliQuest further validates InfoWorld's tight focus on technology strategy and product reviews," said CEO and Editorial Director Kevin McKean. "IT professionals don't read InfoWorld to keep track of casual industry news. They read it for solid guidance on assembling a consideration set and making the right choice, and that comes through clearly in the numbers."

"Customers demand and deserve ROI from their advertising investment," added Mark Durrick, Vice President of Sales. "IntelliQuest proves that an ad in InfoWorld is more likely to reach big-ticket IT buyers, as a percentage of total audience, than one in eWeek or InformationWeek."

Here are some of the specific Intelliquest findings:

Overall IT expenditures in the next 12 months (including services)

InfoWorld eWeek InformationWeek

$25,000+ (#1) 56.12% 48.28% 53.59%

$50,000+ (#1) 49.70% 43.53% 45.16%

$100,000+ (#1) 37.31% 33.19% 35.76%

$250,000+ (#1) 25.37% 22.56% 24.81%

$1 Million+ (#1) 11.49% 11.35% 9.98%

Active purchase influence for any product or service in the last 12 months

InfoWorld eWeek InformationWeek

Any Influence (#1) 93.58% 90.09% 90.99%

Involved in authorizing or approving the purchase

InfoWorld eWeek InformationWeek

Servers (#1) 28.21% 24.57% 25.87%

Network/telecom equipment (#1) 34.63% 29.89% 31.10%

Software (#1) 41.34% 34.63% 37.89%

Printers/peripherals (#1) 39.70% 34.20% 37.11%

Desktop PCs/workstations (#1) 41.49% 33.33% 40.31%

Notebooks/Tablet PCs (#1) 33.58% 28.30% 32.95%

Handheld devices (#1) 31.19% 28.88% 30.43%

Source: IntelliQuest CIMS Business Study, Millard Brown, October 2004

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