IDG’s Internet Industry Publishing Division Launches Preview Issue, Web Site And Weekly Email Newsletter

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 4, 1998 — IDG's Internet Industry Publishing Division today announced the launch of the much anticipated preview issue of The Internet Industry Standard, IDG's new Internet weekly focusing on the Internet economy.

"The Internet is rapidly and significantly changing the economic landscape and altering business models in almost every major industry," said John Battelle, president/CEO and publisher, The Internet Industry Standard. "The Standard was designed to cover the people and the industries that are really pushing the envelope of the Internet economy; it is a must read for business leaders involved in this new economy."

The Industry Standard, which debuts this spring, is the sole weekly newsmagazine devoting 100% of its editorial to sophisticated news coverage and informed analysis of the people, the businesses and the policy issues at the heart of the Internet economy.

"It's about time a smart, hip magazine like this hit the streets. People are driving the new media and technology arena, and they're even more fascinating than technology any day. Sounds like a must read for anyone who's in the business!" said Rich Le Furgy, senior vice president of advertising, ABC News/ESPN Internet Ventures.

Rob Reid, associate, 21st Century Fund, noted "The Industry Standard promises to fill a gaping hole in the suite of publications that speaks to and covers our industry. The Standard will go the core of the interests of an underserved community — that of business-minded Internet professionals."

"The Internet economy is encompassing more and more of the business world every day, and it is evolving its own culture, its own set of rules," commented Jonathan Weber, editor in chief, The Internet Industry Standard. "Our editorial mission is to track the development of the Internet economy, to report on and analyze the people and companies involved, and to Articulate the unique issues that arise from it every day."

With the tagline "The People, The Network, The Bottom Line," The Standard provides timely news, analysis and metrics of the people who are creating the Internet economy; the network or foundation of the Internet and how companies leverage this investment into new business opportunities; and the bottom line, which ultimately drives decision-making in the new economy.

"The Industry Standard is designed to reach all the constituencies that make the Internet Economy happen. Most important to Sony is that it helps define the roadmap to reach our consumers, serve our consumers, and keep them coming back," said charter advertiser Mark Benerofe, senior vice president, Sony Online.

The Standard serves an elite audience of business leaders who are literally creating the Internet Economy, key influencers who have bottom line responsibility for their businesses, and access to capital and the authority it use it. The Standard serves a rate base of more than 50,000 Internet industry influencers. Premium rates, frequency discounts and additional discounts of up to 20% are available through the Charter Rate Program. For more information on advertising, contact Cheryl Lucanegro, vice president of sales and marketing, at 415-957-5169 or email

For more information on subscribing to The Standard and its weekly email newsletter, visit the Web site at

About The Internet Industry Standard

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, IDG's Internet Industry Publishing Division publishes The Internet Industry Standard, "The People, The Network, The Bottom Line." The Standard is the first weekly news magazine which targets the business executives who are leading the industry and driving the Internet economy. It serves these business leaders by offering timely, in-depth coverage of the Internet Economy, including hard news, news analysis, quantitative analysis of industry metrics, executive recruiting and new products and services.

The news magazine provides sophisticated coverage of the people and the business models that are driving the new Internet economy. The Standard ( is a publication of IDG.

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