IDG’s Provides Sponsors with Actionable Sales Opportunities through its Newly Expanded LeadStreamTM Webcast Series

SOUTHBOROUGH, MA – MAY 14, 2002 – The authority on developing full-service on-demand webcasts,, today announced the expansion of its LeadStream Webcasts to a series format, raising the bar again on webcast ROI standards.


For years, ITworld has been the pioneer in the on-demand webcast market by delivering the highest quality, most robust webcasts that provide sponsors guaranteed, highly qualified and actionable leads. Companies such as Cisco, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, and Verisign rely on LeadStream Webcasts to generate leads, gain exposure and garner guaranteed results. Now, ITworld is offering webcast sponsorships on a series level, providing sponsors superior positioning by associating their brands with professional, innovative technology content. According to a recent research study, 46 percent of the survey audience rated webcast programs among the top three most useful sources for purchasing decisions1, proving webcast sponsorships are a critical element in the marketing mix.

Through ITworld's LeadStream Webcast Series, sponsors are able to present their brand and products throughout an entire series of topically related webcasts developed in conjunction with technology industry expert Bill Laberis. The sponsor's logo is displayed on all registration pages within the sponsored series, included in the webcast Resources section, and incorporated in all promotional marketing outreach for that series.

Currently there are five webcast series available including "Enterprise Security Series: Consequences, Vulnerabilities, and Strategies;" "Enterprise Storage Series: Short-term Tactics, Long-term Success;" "Network Management Series: Availability and Performance for Business Critical Computing;" "Web Services Series: Evolutionary Change, Revolutionary Impact;" and "Business Intelligence: IT Strategies for Unlocking the Value of Data." Additional content will be added to each series on a regular basis to meet viewer demand, underscoring ITworld's commitment to the continued growth and vitality of this informative webcast series.

"Through extensive audience research, we have found that 52 percent of those who viewed an ITworld webcast visited the sponsor's website for more in-depth information bringing them one step closer to making a purchase," stated Bill Reinstein, President and CEO of ITworld. "By enabling organizations to sponsor a collection of highly dynamic content related to their products and services, we guarantee that companies will yield more actionable leads from a richly qualified audience."

ITworld provides content development, full program production, and expert marketing promotions to drive audience traffic and registration throughout the life cycle of the series. In addition, the company provides sponsors comprehensive data analysis, illustrating the return on their marketing investment. Viewers provide valuable information during the registration process and evaluation surveys. This critical sales intelligence is compiled into detailed reports and is delivered to all sponsors on a weekly basis, both in aggregate demographic form and as individual registrant profiles, providing sponsors with immediate insight into purchasing plans for their solutions.

LeadStream Webcast Series are delivered to viewers on-demand – a format proven to increase overall conversion (registrant to viewer) rates by as much as 200 percent3. Because on-demand programming is irrespective of time zone, time of day or region of the world, this format facilitates global reach for those interested in international lead generation. Furthermore, when asked which format viewers prefer, 77 percent of those surveyed prefer on-demand webcasts that allow them to view the webcast at their convenience rather than a live webcast, scheduled at a specific date and time4. In addition, live events do not allow for post-production editing and are limited in their ability to provide a high quality "error-free" educational program.

To learn more about ITworld's LeadStreamTM Webcast Series sponsorships, please contact Clare O'Brien at 508.303.9709.

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Webcast Audience & User Demographics Study [A series of surveys conducted between November 2001 – February 2002]

Webcast Audience & User Demographics Study [A series of surveys conducted between November 2001 – February 2002] Measurement Data

Webcast Audience & User Demographics Study [A series of surveys conducted between November 2001 – February 2002]