IDG’s JavaWorld Exceeds 1 Million Page Views In A Single Month

SAN FRANCISCO, June 10, 1997– JavaWorld, the industry's leading

online publication for Java developers and enthusiasts, announced

today that it registered more than 1 million page views during the

month of April╤the equivalent of 5 million pages read in a print

magazine. In just over one year, the online-only magazine has firmly

established itself as the leading source of news, information, and

tutorials for the Java community with more than 8.5 million page

views, 125,000 registered subscribers and 200,000 total readers.

JavaWorld is read by more developers than any other print or

Web-based Java publication.

"By leveraging the real-time and interactive capabilities of Web

publishing, JavaWorld is addressing Java developers' requirements for

timely in-depth articles, tutorials, and technical information," said

Michael O'Connell, Editor-in-Chief, JavaWorld. "Our extensive

coverage of industry events, ability to include applets and

programming code with articles, and online resources have helped us

become the best independent source of news and information for Java


During the month of April, JavaWorld was contacted more than 200,000

times by readers who viewed a total of 1,059,582 pages from the

publication. In addition to regular features and columns, JavaWorld

provided daily coverage of the JavaOne Developers' Conference–the

year's most influential industry event for Java developers, held

April 2-4. The 1 million page views milestone reflects JavaWorld╒s

rise to prominence within the Java community and the steady growth of

the Java market.

In conjunction with JavaWorld's groundbreaking coverage of the

JavaOne conference, Sun Microsystems included the first 12 monthly

issues of JavaWorld as part of its Java Reel CD-ROM, which was

distributed to 10,000 attendees at the event. This CD-ROM archives

for easy reference more than 100 hands-on, how-to features and

columns from JavaWorld, including tips and tricks, news, reviews,

resources, source code, and live applets demonstrating key concepts.

A Web-only magazine, JavaWorld is written by Java developers for Java

developers. The monthly publication provides news, information, and

tutorials for developers, managers, and enthusiasts eager to learn

about the Java programming language and related technologies. Regular

columns include Java Step-by-Step, Under the Hood, How-To Java, and

Blundon's Corner, which examine and interpret issues critical to Java


To help developers create Java applications more quickly and easily,

JavaWorld's detailed how-to and tutorial articles present key

development concepts and use live, working applications to clearly

demonstrate how these concepts can be implemented. JavaWorld also

provides coverage of real-world deployment of Java technologies, Java