IDG’s Network World Announces its Network Operating Systems Challenge for ComNet

SOUTHBOROUGH, MA-January 20, 2000-Network World, Inc., the official Flagship Sponsor of ComNet 2000 Expo in Washington D.C., today announced that Microsoft, Red Hat, Novell, Santa Cruz Operation, and IBM will square off at the Network Operating Systems (NOS) Showdown Debate, and, for the first time Microsoft, Red Hat, Novell and Santa Cruz Operation will go head-to-head at the NOS Showdown Lab. Both events will take place at ComNet from January 25-27, 2000 at the Washington D.C. Convention Center and Renaissance Hotel.

Network World and Centennial Networking Lab (CNL) of North Carolina State University, Network World's test alliance partner, are offering a first-ever hands-on comparative look at Microsoft's Windows 2000, Red Hat Linux 6.1, Novell NetWare 5.1, and Santa Cruz Operation's UnixWare 7.1.1. All ComNet show attendees will be able to get a customized view of how

these Network Operating Systems stack up against each other in Network's World Showdown Lab. The lab will run continuously during show hours in the main lobby of Washinton D.C.'s Renaissance Hotel. In addition, attendees

will be able to pick the brains of the engineers from CNL that conducted this first public comparative review between Windows 2000 and its competition in the NOS arena. The results of this review will also be published in the January 24th issue of Network World and posted on the Network World Fusion website (

Top technical executives from Microsoft, Novell, The Santa Cruz Operation (SCO), IBM, and Red Hat Software will face probing questions about their networking technology solutions at an encore performance of the Network World NOS Showdown Supersession on Wednesday, January 26 at 1:00 p.m. in the Grand Ballroom at the Renaissance Hotel. John Gallant, Network World Editorial Director and Executive Vice President, will moderate the presidential-style debate, while Microsoft, Novell, SCO, IBM, and Red Hat Software will answer questions from Network World's panel of industry experts, other vendors and the audience. The vendor representatives will also have an opportunity to question each other. This no-holds barred debate is designed to cut through all the marketing and PR hype surrounding new technologies.

"These showdowns provide attendees with a unique opportunity to hear the unfiltered truth about key networking products," said John Gallant, Network World's Editorial Director and Executive Vice President. "With the impending release of Windows 2000 in February 2000, the timing for the NOS Showdown and NOS Lab couldn't be better."

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