IDG’s Network World Announces Network Fusion Focus Direct-Request Email Newsletter Subscriptions Reach 50,000

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. (April 13, 1998) — Network World, the leading newsweekly of enterprise network computing, today announced that its free Network World Fusion Focus series has attracted over 50,000 subscription requests in just one month. The Network World Fusion Focus e-mail newsletters, developed exclusively for network IS professionals, became available for subscription request March 1, 1998, and is delivered to subscribers twice weekly.

Unlike other e-mail newsletters, the Network World Fusion Focus series is sent only to those qualified Network World and Network World Fusion ( online readers who directly request them. Recipients are highly qualified Network IS professionals who need comprehensive news and analysis on specific topics.

"We’re happy to report we’ve been inundated with requests for Network World Fusion Focus," said Colin Ungaro, president and CEO, Network World, Inc. "It isn’t surprising since our audience knows they can depend on Network World for all the news and analysis they need to stay current on industry trends, technologies, and strategies. In addition, our advertisers know they are reaching a highly targeted audience with all our products. Each Network World Fusion Focus newsletter reaches Network IS professionals who are interested in a very particular technology or topic, and have proactively requested the service. We’ve addressed a very big need in the industry and the subscription numbers prove it," said Ungaro.

The Network World Fusion Focus series includes eight newsletters each focused on a different area or technology. The topics and titles include: NetFlash daily news, frame relay, Web application development, Windows NT, high-speed LANs, Groupware and messaging, network/systems management, and Career Advisor. The newsletters are authored by well-respected industry experts and include links, provided by Network World editors, to a variety of directly related materials on Network World Fusion and the World Wide Web.


Network World Fusion Focus newsletters are available immediately, and qualified readers can subscribe online at Vendors interested in sponsoring newsletters should contact Director of Online Services Ann Roskey at (508) 820-7503 or Current sponsors include Attachmate Corporation, CheckPoint, Cisco, Compaq Computer Corporation, Computer Associates, Information Builders, Lotus, Paradyne, Plaintree Systems, and Tivoli Systems.


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Network World Fusion Contact: Ann Roskey, Director of Online Services, Network World, (508) 820-7503

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