IDG’S Network World Fusion Reports 19% Increase in Registered Users

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. – December 14, 1998 – Network World Fusion increased its registered member base during the last six months by 19%, according to the latest BPA International Audit report.

“We were the first – and are still the only – Web site in our industry to submit ourselves for a BPA demographic audience audit,” says Ann Roskey, director of online services for Network World Fusion, the official Web site for Network World – the nation’s leading newsweekly for enterprise network computing. The true value of Network World Fusion, according to Roskey, is the Web site’s ability to not only track member activity and provide customized information to advertisers, but also to verify audience demographics so advertisers know the value of every Network IS professional visiting Network World Fusion.

“Simple page impressions are only the start of how advertisers should evaluate online media,” said Roskey. “As Web publishing technology advances, the definition of what a page is erodes, making standard measurement of this activity extremely difficult. What advertisers care more about is audience, and we can provide detailed and targeted information to our advertisers, demonstrating that their ads are reaching the most important network buyers — the Network IS professionals who have purchasing authority in the enterprise. Furthermore, our ads are served and verified by an independent third party Doubleclick’s Dynamic Advertising Reporting & Technology (DART).”

Managers of non-registered, or open, Web sites have traditionally employed many methods to target advertising to anonymous visitors, such as tracking what domain users are from and what time of day they are browsing, to the brand of browser they are using and what state they are browsing from. Traditional Web managers can also track users through their keyword searches.

“We are going way beyond that now,” said Roskey. “Since Network World Fusion is a 100% registered Web site, where its 147,949 members choose to go through a registration process to gain access to the site and its content, we are now offering our advertisers much, much more specific information about potential buyers of enterprise networking hardware and software. This enables companies to target their advertising to network product buyers, and to go beyond basic click rate analysis in order to determine the effectiveness of their advertising campaign. That’s market intelligence. That’s the future of Web advertising, but we are leading the way by doing it now.”

Network World Fusion also offers advertisers a wide variety of methods of reaching Network IS professionals, including banner ads, E-mail advertising, E-mail list rentals, custom publishing white papers and virtual seminars.

The semi-annual BPA International Audit Report incorporates demographic data from January 1998 to June 1998. Some of Network World Fusion’s registered audience demographics, include:

Total Registered Users: 147,949 (100% registered)

Network IS Management – 99,745

Job Function: Network IS Management – 67.4%

Scope of Purchasing Authority: Corporate – 68.3 %

Purchasing Involvement: Recommend or specify – 88.2%

Evaluate – 74.9%

Determine the need – 69.6%

Product Purchasing Involvement: Local Area Networks – 92.2%

Software/Applications – 91.6%

Computers/Peripherals – 87.8%

WAN Equipment/Services – 80.1%

Internet/intranet – 79%

Internetworking – 78%

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