IDG’s Network World Inc. and Xedia Corp. Partner to Offer Custom ‘Virtual’ Seminars

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. – March 10, 1999 – As competition for targeting the right audience with the right message grows tighter, Network World, Inc.’s "virtual seminars" continue to offer the quickest, most efficient way for companies to reach and interact with live audiences over the Internet.

This month Network World, Inc. will produce three virtual seminars for Xedia Corporation based in Littleton, Mass. The seminars "Internet Virtual Private Networks: The Quality of Service Difference" will be held online on March 25, 30, and 31. Interested participants can register online at

The Network World, Inc/Xedia virtual seminar will include a keynote presentation by Eric Zines, market analyst in TeleChoice’s Market Research Group; a roundtable discussion with Ashley Stephenson, chairman of Xedia Corp; and an interactive Q&A.

"By partnering with Network World, Inc. we attain the audience reach, event planning and marketing integration we need to bring our message to network managers about the benefits of Quality of Service in Virtual Private Networks," said Stephenson. "The Xedia virtual seminar series will also examine the VPN market and how VPNs can add value to the corporate network by delivering new and flexible capabilities."

Network World, Inc., which has produced high tech face-to-face seminars for more than seven years, has offered for several months virtual seminars as an extension of its already comprehensive integrated marketing services. The virtual seminars provide companies a fast method to reach new markets with a live, interactive, multimedia, multi-presenter virtual environment delivered right to desktops in up to 120 disparate locations nationwide.

A virtual seminar works simply but involves the latest in Web and telephonic technology. For the voice portion of the seminar, attendees dial a toll free number and are placed in a virtual waiting room before the program begins. For the data portion of the seminar, attendees log on to a special Web site with any standard Java-enabled Web browser. A server then downloads a Java applet to the client computer to facilitate the real-time delivery of the seminar slides.

As the seminar begins, the slides are downloaded to the client computer in the background. When it’s time to move to the next slide, the browser is automatically refreshed with no user input. The presenter and moderator have total control of the voice and data streams. At any time questions can be taken over the phone or via e-mail, and the presentation can be customized in real time with hand-drawn notes and schematics. The system also has the ability for real-time polling during and after the presentation.

"This format allows for a tremendous amount of return on investment for our customers," said Bill Reinstein, senior vice president for business development at Network World, Inc. "Staff time is at a premium in this business, and you can’t always take senior brainpower out on the road for three weeks to do face-to-face seminars. The virtual medium allows those key people to get their message out personally without cannibalizing their own schedules."

Reinstein said that the seminar industry is rapidly moving toward producing more customized events and that Network World, Inc. is leading the way with its expertise in print, with Network World; online, with Network World Fusion; and educational events, with customized seminars and now virtual seminars.

Network World Inc.’s Professional Development Group and Network World Fusion Online Services Team are developing advanced technological solutions to extend the company’s virtual seminar offering, allowing for significant new features that make the "virtual environment" even more interactive and entertaining.

The virtual environment is clearly popular with seminar participants. According to a recent Network World, Inc. report, seventy six percent of seminar attendees indicated that they better understood the presenting company’s products as a result of the seminar.

"The technology is very exciting," said Reinstein. "And Network World, Inc. is perfectly positioned to be the leader in this space by offering a variety of services before anyone else. This technology will rapidly change how marketing is done. And right now we are offering a completely integrated package of content, marketing, logistics and production – all the necessary tools to reach not just any customer, but the right customer, in this emerging market."


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