IDG’S PC World and Win a Record-Breaking 26 National and Regional ASBPE Awards

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – JUNE 22, 2000 — Last night at the American Society of Business Press Editors (ASBPE) 22nd Annual awards ceremony in Washington, D.C., PC World achieved a new in-house record for the publication. In addition to the 18 regional awards the editors won last month, PC World and were honored with eight national awards from the ASBPE — more than any other technology publication.


"PC World strives to publish the most valuable magazine and Web site for its management-level audience. I am especially pleased that the print and online teams were recognized in every news category," praised Kevin McKean, PC World editorial director. "In fact, this is the fifth consecutive year PC World has taken home a prize for news reporting. That record is a tribute to the talent and hard work of PC World's editors, writers and creative staff, who turn out first-rate journalism every issue and, in the case of the Web site, every day."

PC World received the eight national awards across a broad range of categories, including:

— First Place (Gold): Best News Section — "ISPs @ Risk," (June, 1999) Writers: Yardena Arar, Daniel Tynan, Lincoln Spector, Laurianne McLaughlin, Scott Spanbauer, Dan Miller.

— First Place (Gold): Best Single News Article — "Software Bugs Run Rampant," (January, 1999) Writer: Scott Spanbauer.

— Second Place (Silver): Best Original Online News Section — Editors: Peggy Watt, Eric Bender

— Second Place (Silver): Original Online Database — "ISP Finder",2020,,00.html Assistant Copy Editor: Arin Haley

— Second Place (Silver): Best Technical Article — "Windows vs. Windowvs. the World," (October, 1999)

Writers: Scott Spanbauer, Harry McCracken, Anush Yegyazarian, Glenn McDonald, Carol Pragides.

— Second Place (Silver): Regular Column, Contributed — "Consumer Watch," (March and June, 1999) Writer: Roberta Furger

— Third Place (Bronze): Feature Article — "Spam!" (November, 1999) Writer: Roberta Furger, Judy Heim, Kim Zetter

— Third Place (Bronze): Feature Series — "Web @ Warp Speed," (March,

1999) Writers: Harry McCracken, Roberta Furger, Glenn McDonald, Angela Navarrete, Brad Grimes, Judy Heim, Bryan Hastings, Michelle Campanale- Surkan, Tom Yager

In addition to the national honors, last month PC World won 18 regional ASBPE awards for its outstanding graphics, news reporting, how-to articles, technical and feature journalism, regular departments and columns, and signed editorials. The ASBPE awards extend a winning season for PC World, which was honored this spring with the 2000 Grand Neal Award from American Business Media for its March 1999 special issue, "Web @ Warp Speed." Earlier this year, earned a Maggie Award for "Best Online Publication" from the Western Publications Association — for an unprecedented third time in the five-year history of the award category.

Editorial entries in the ASBPE Annual Competition for Editorial and Graphics Excellence were judged for writing quality, presentation, subject development and value to the reader by a panel of leading business trade press journalists. Graphics entries are judged by graphic designers and magazine artists from around the country based on composition, use of typographic and graphic elements, originality, and relevance to the story or publication.

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